Chicken steamed with lemon

Lemon and lime can be used interchangeably in this simple recipe. You can cut down on the wait time for marinating chicken by preparing it in advance.


25 Minutes

50 Minutes


•    1 Pullet
•    2 Dried lime peels
•    1 Tsp of sugar
•    1 Tsp of spice
•    ½ Tsp of clove’s bud
•    2 Tsp of grinded ginger
•    1 Tsp of salt
•    1Tbsp wine
•    Cooking oil


•    Wash the pullet with salt and water, let it dry
•    Mix it with sugar, spice, ginger for 3 hours
•    Add 3 liters of water, lime peels, clove’s bud, salt, sugar into one pot, heat for 20 minutes
•    Pour in the pullet, boil well for 20 – 25 minutes, and take out, let it dry
•    Boil cooking oil, fry the pullet until its skin turns yellow
•    Chop into pieces, arrange to dish

Serving suggestion: serve with cooked rice or vermicelli and fish sauce
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