Travelling from Denmark to Vietnam: flights, tips + tours

If you’re looking for some warm weather fun plus practical advice on flights and visas, check out our mini-guide for those travelling from Denmark to Vietnam.

It’s possible to fly from either Copenhagen or Billund in Denmark to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang with just one stop en route. The flight time can be as short as 14 hours, including the average time of a layover, making it really convenient to travel from Denmark to Vietnam. Typical layover stops en route are Bangkok, Doha, Dubai, Moscow or Singapore. Many airlines fly multiple convenient routes from Denmark to Vietnam, including Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Aeroflot, Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

Denmark to Vietnam

Danish citizens who want to stay in Vietnam for less than 15 days can do so without needing a visa. For Danish citizens visiting Vietnam for longer than 15 days but fewer than 30 days, a visa is needed. There are a multiple ways to obtain a visa, but the best way is to get it in advance of travelling. Applying online for an e-visa is the easiest method and this can be done up to six months before travelling to Vietnam.

passport Denmark

Danish visitors to Vietnam tend to be most content being outdoors doing warm weather activities. With many choosing to travel during July, many visitors from Denmark to Vietnam at this time of year tend to head for Vietnam’s central region, including the stretch of coastline between Da Nang and Nha Trang. These two beach resorts have plenty going for them in themselves, with white sandy beaches, water sports and a number of islands off the coastline just waiting to be explored.

water sports in Nha Trang

Soaking up some of the history and culture inland from the coast is also popular with Danes. Dalat is a popular spot, located 1,500m above sea level in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’, it was formerly a French holiday resort and is surrounded by lush pine forests, lakes and waterfalls. The city of Hue near the coast is also a fascinating spot, as the former site of Nguyen Dynasty emperors and a still-standing 19th century citadel.

Travelling from Denmark to Vietnam

Travellers from Denmark to Vietnam particularly enjoy the following tours:
•    Highlights of central Vietnam over six days
•    Summer idyll in Vietnam over 21 days
•    Mekong Delta and Nha Trang beach time over eight days

When travelling from Denmark to Vietnam, come and join us at Mr Linh’s Adventures for plenty of warm weather fun to make your trip complete.
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