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Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 4, July 2021

In only one week, the statistics of Covid-19 patients changed drastically, which put all citizens and the government of Vietnam in an absolutely difficult position. The government had to apply stricter rules and regulations in order to hold back to expansion of the Delta type virus.

Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 3, July 2021

Vietnam is now facing a stronger wave of pandemic as the number of patients keeps rising everyday. Local authorities have made new changes to the fight against the virus accordingly, hoping that the new measures can restrain the expansion of Coronavirus.

5 reasons for choosing Mr Linh’s Homestay Ba Be

It is a common sense that not only the beauty of the destination and interesting activities, but the accommodation where tourists can relax and recharge their energy also plays an important role in making a memorable holiday.

Vietnamese 'banh mi' - one of the best sandwiches in the world

The Travel magazine has ranked the 6 most delicious sandwiches in the world, and it is not surprising that Vietnam's "banh mi" is one of them.

Rapid COVID-19 testing guidance for tourists visiting Ba Be National Park

Due to the recent situation of COVID-19, all of Vietnam's local authorities have to strongly emphasize on implementing strict measures to prevent the disease from spreading and crossing infection in accordance with maintaining the economy.

Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 2, July 2021

Vietnamese citizens are in fear of the fast expansion of the fourth Coronavirus outbreak during the past week. New directives on social isolation were made in the hope of restraining this alarming situation.

Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 1, July 2021

The medical staff of Vietnam are making more efforts in the fight against the 4th outbreak of Coronavirus. Still, the situation doesn’t seem to decrease despite the tireless hard work of all governmental officials, cadres, medical staff and citizens. On the contrary, Vietnam’s tourism is hoped to return in the near future.

Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 4, June 2021

After a long time fighting the fourth outbreak of Covid-19, Vietnam is expecting to achieve more positive results in the north. Still, the provinces in the south are likely to be dealing with the new mutated virus for a longer period.

VITM Hanoi 2021 will be held from July 29th to August 1st

Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) has officially confirmed the date when Vietnam International Travel Mart (VITM) be held.
Earlier on April 28th, VITA postponed the mart till June, hoping that the COVID-19 would be under control at that time, however, the event still has not been held because of the complicated developments of the epidemic in Hanoi.

Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 3, June 2021

On May 11th, 2021, the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control announced that Vietnam would be facing a fourth wave of pandemic. The situation asks the authorities to bring out more appropriate plans to fight against the new threat.


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