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There are not our stories; there are our customer stories. Curious, who are they? Please find the authors at the end of each story.
Ba Be National Park, Vietnam

We arrived in Ba Bể National Park today. Our original itinerary had us taking a boat down the river and visiting a cave along the way before arriving in Ba Bể Lake at the Mr. Linh's Homestay.

Cao Bang villages, Nguom Ngao cave and Ban Gioc waterfalls

After another breakfast of Bánh Cuốn, we visited several different villages belonging to the Nong ethnic minority and spent the night in a traditional Nong homestay with Mr. Nung and his family.

Dong Van to Cao Bang via Ma Pi Leng pass

Remember the Bánh Cuốn we had in Hanoi? Well, when we told Quang we had eaten it in Hanoi, he told us that we had to have it Đồng Văn because they made it the best. In Đồng Văn, it is commonly made with egg and served with a noodle soup and type of sausage.

The road from Ha Giang to Dong Van

Soon after waking up, Jonathan went to take the photo below only to be accosted by several bees (maybe looking for their missing honey?) and got stung on the cheek and the back of his neck. It's the first time he's ever been stung so we were happy to learn that he wasn't allergic!

From Sapa to Ha Giang

After an early breakfast we hit the long road to Ha Giang. We passed many tea fields on our way and stopped to take some photos and smell the fresh tea leaves.

Trekking from Sapa to Ta Phin village

This morning, we met our local guide for the day, San May. She was from one of the local minority groups, the Red DZao. The women of the Red DZao are easy to recognize based on their red head scarves.

Trekking from Sapa to Ta Van village

Our next eight days were spent traveling around Northern Vietnam. The tour company we ended up going with was Mr. Linh's Adventures. Jonathan initially found Mr. Linh on Google after researching multi-day trips that included visiting Sapa, a place we had heard great things about.

Hanoi for less than 24 hours

We arrived in Hanoi mid-day giving us a full afternoon and evening in the city. After checking in at our hotel we set out on foot to the Thang Long Water Puppet Theater to get tickets for later that evening.

Hoian for Tet

We arrived late in the evening due to a delayed flight causing us to miss the beginning celebrations for Tết, which included some singing and dancing. Nonetheless, we still had plenty of time before the big fireworks show at midnight.

Ho Chi Minh city just before Tet

This morning, we jumped on a quick flight from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City. Extremely hungry, we checked in at our hotel, ped off our bags and hit the road looking for some food.