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10 best places to visit in Vietnam 2023 - Recommended by Lonely Planet

With its dizzying metropolises, blissful islands and immense national parks (not to mention a legendary cuisine!), Vietnam tops many travelers’ bucket lists.

Trekking in Vietnam - Excellent Destination

While Vietnam is an excellent destination for almost every style of travel, it is when it comes to trekking that the country really shines. From endless rice paddies to rolling green hills, lofty mountains and meandering river valleys, there is spectacular scenery almost everywhere in Vietnam.

Top 8 Traditional Festivals in Northern Vietnam

Vietnam has a distinct culture that has grown over millennia. This results in a plethora of particular festivals that vividly demonstrate Vietnamese people's beliefs and traditions. Let’s find out about the top 8 most popular traditional festivals in Vietnam with us!

Four Highest and Most Impressive Passes in Northern Vietnam

Not only stopping at the 4 highest mountain peaks in the North, the highland nature of Vietnam always attracts tourists with landscapes of different beauty but somewhat adventure. In this article, we will share with you about the 4 longest and most adventure passes in Northern Vietnam.

Four Highest Mountains in Northern Vietnam

For adventure travel enthusiasts, exploring the mountains is not a strange thing. But do you know which are the 4 highest mountains in Vietnam? Let's learn about them with us!

What to Prepare When Going On A Trek?

Thanks to the variety topographics, Vietnam has become an ideal destination for trekking lovers. So what do you do to prepare for a trek to discover Vietnam? Follow us!

10 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam after The Covid-19 Pandemic

Vietnam's tourism is heating up again and searches for "Vietnam tourism" have increased significantly on Google Search after The Covid-19 Pandemic. Let's discover the top 10 best places to visit in Vietnam with us !

Discover Tet (Lunar New Year holiday) in Three Regions of Vietnam

Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional festival as well as the special holiday of Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular.In Vietnam, Lunar New Year is known as “Tet Nguyen Dan” or commonly known by its more shortened name “Tet”.

Discover The Unique Features of Central Vietnam Cuisine

Unlike the cuisine of the Nord which is exquisite and sophisticated or the rustic one of the South, the cuisine of the Central region - which has spent three centuries as the capital of the last feudal dynasties, has a clear distinction between two cuisine groups: royal cuisine and casual cuisine

Dao Tien Ethnic Costumes

Dao Tien people in Bac Kan province scattered in the districts of Ba Be, Ngan Son,... form an ethnic group with a unique culture. Their costumes are sophisticated but appropriate for their production labor practices.

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