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Why Ban Gioc Waterfall is a must-see destination in Vietnam Tour 2023?

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s natural gems. It is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia and the 4th biggest waterfall on an international border in the world. Its immaculate waters are surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, making it a must-visit destination if you are in Northern Vietnam.

What to eat and drink in Vietnam

The rich and varied cuisine of Vietnam often sneaks under the radar, but any visitor will tell you that the food here is some of the best in Asia. Vietnam’s chefs look north towards China and west towards Thailand for influences, meeting somewhere in the middle.

How to explore the world's largest cave, Hang Son Doong, in Vietnam

The world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong (Mountain River Cave) in Vietnam, has suddenly become a lot larger thanks to the remarkable discovery of an underwater tunnel connecting it to another cave.

Visiting Halong Bay: tips to plan your cruise

Dotted with jagged limestone pinnacles, Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s biggest attractions. The vast majority of its 10 million visitors a year arrive aboard day and overnight cruises.

8 Treks for discovering Vietnam’s rural heartlands

Jungle-cloaked hills that once shook with the sound of combat are now the serene setting for adventurous hikes to remote villages, lofty lookouts, tumbling waterfalls and the summit of Indochina’s highest mountain. With plenty of local guides and trekking agencies on hand to help you to the top of the trails, all you really need to do is pick a route – and set out.

16 unique things to do in Hanoi 2023 recommended by Lonely Planet

Visiting Hanoi is like hopping through a time tunnel: beyond congested roads flanked by modern skyscrapers, ancient temples and multi-storey pagodas rub elbows with French colonial mansions in the labyrinthine Old Quarter.

10 best places to visit in Vietnam 2023 - Recommended by Lonely Planet

With its dizzying metropolises, blissful islands and immense national parks (not to mention a legendary cuisine!), Vietnam tops many travelers’ bucket lists.

Trekking in Vietnam - Excellent Destination

While Vietnam is an excellent destination for almost every style of travel, it is when it comes to trekking that the country really shines. From endless rice paddies to rolling green hills, lofty mountains and meandering river valleys, there is spectacular scenery almost everywhere in Vietnam.

Top 8 Traditional Festivals in Northern Vietnam

Vietnam has a distinct culture that has grown over millennia. This results in a plethora of particular festivals that vividly demonstrate Vietnamese people's beliefs and traditions. Let’s find out about the top 8 most popular traditional festivals in Vietnam with us!

Four Highest and Most Impressive Passes in Northern Vietnam

Not only stopping at the 4 highest mountain peaks in the North, the highland nature of Vietnam always attracts tourists with landscapes of different beauty but somewhat adventure. In this article, we will share with you about the 4 longest and most adventure passes in Northern Vietnam.

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