Walking speed

Walking speed

Walking Speed

Your Walking Speed is very closely related to your Hiking Rhythm and to the Rest Breaks you take and the combination of all these factors will largely determine how far you can go and how tired you are at the end of the day. In this section we will provide you with some tips on Hiking Speed:
•    Fast hiking is a beginner mistake often resulting in a much slower tempo at the end of the day and a general feeling of fatigue. In general, Slower Hiking is Better Hiking. Faster hiking with more breaks will probably end up carrying you to the same distance at the same time but feeling much more tired. Furthermore faster trekking increases the chance of sprains and other injuries.
•    Go for Hiking Endurance and longer duration trekking instead of faster and shorter hiking.
The energy needed for trekking is not proportional with the speed you walk. The figures below are for walking on a smooth level surface:


Calories per 100lb per hour


2 mph / 3.2 kph



3 mph / 4.8 kph



4 mph / 6.4 kph



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