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Vietnam to Officially Reopen to International Tourists from March 15, 2022

The Vietnamese government has agreed to the proposal to completely reopen tourism and lift all travel restrictions in the  new conditions, from March 15, 2022.

Vietnam Plans to Fully Reopen Borders for Tourism from March 31, 2022

After nearly two years of closure due to COVID-19 impacts, Vietnam is urgently preparing to reopen tourism from the end of March, 2022. Previously, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism proposed for Vietnam to completely reopen tourism starting March 31 to receive international tourists (inbound) and let people travel abroad (outbound) through all channels.

Vietnam to Pilot Sandbox Model for Re-opening to Foreign Tourists on Phu Quoc Island

From the advantages and disadvantages of Phuket Sandbox, Vietnam has applied this model to open up international tourism.

Vietnam Reopened Key Tourist Destinations After The 4th Coronavirus Outbreak

After an extended period of closure due to COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam started reopening tourism in many provinces and cities to welcome tourists back. If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, this new useful information is for you!

Vaccine passport - The key to reopen the door for Vietnamese tourism industry

The Vietnamese government is temporarily recognising COVID-19 vaccination certificate/passport of 72 countries and territories. At the ministry’s regular press conference held virtually on November 4, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced criteria for the recognition of foreign coronavirus immunization certificates. 

Covid-19 Weekly Update in Vietnam - Week 3 October, 2021

After many months of fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic since the 4th outbreak, the great efforts of Vietnam gave fairly positive results. Vietnam started to recover domestic tourism and expect international tourism to return as soon as possible.

Covid-19 Weekly Update in Vietnam - Week 2 October 2021

The epidemic situation across the country has made clear changes and has been basically controlled. Provinces and cities have both effectively controlled and prevented the epidemic, while recovering and developing socio-economically.

Covid-19 Weekly Update in Vietnam - Week 1 October, 2021

The number of COVID-19 infections fell the most tremendously in many past months. This is a very good sign, creating momentum for economic recovery and also a premise for Vietnam to gradually return to the “new normal” state.

Covid-19 Weekly Update in Vietnam - Week 4 September 2021

In general, the situation of the whole country in the past week has made positive changes and gradually returned to a "new normal". The number of new cases in the community, serious cases and deaths is constantly decreasing. Some provinces have taken early steps in loosening social distancing. The whole country had administered more than 38.3 million doses as of September 26, 2021, with more than 30.4 million people receiving first shots and 7.9 million people getting two shots.

Covid-19 weekly update in Vietnam - Week 3 September, 2021

Thanks to the great efforts of medical staff and the authorities, Vietnam has achieved positive results in the prevention of the pandemic. In the past week, the number of recovered cases was recorded to be higher than the number of new covid-19 infections. The number of deaths decreased to 17% compared to the previous week.

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