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Mr Linh's Adventures

Mr Linh’s Adventures is a Hanoi-based travel company and tour operator, organizing adventure trips on Vietnam's offbeat tracks. Since May 2012 we offer unique and different experiences to those who love adventure at different levels, and to discover new things such as outstanding cave systems, primitive forests, remote villages of local ethnic minorities living on the frontier with China. Each journey is designed as an adventure to satisfy one's desire to explore, discover, learn and challenge oneself.

Nguyen Tuan Linh
Standing out from the crowd requires a combination of several factors. In addition to the great care we put on the quality of our services, it takes an unconventional leader to build up original itineraries. Mr Linh is this leader, so impatient to see the world that he has chosen to be born in the shade of a tea bush rather than in a hospital. He had a hard-working but idyllic childhood cutting grass for his grandfather's buffalo and working in the rice fields of Phu Tho Province. As Linh grew, so did his curiosity for the world, bringing with it the ambition of becoming a tour guide. He dreamed of meeting people from all around the world and connecting them with the beautiful landscapes and cultures of his country.

Mr Linh surrounded himself with a professional team who loves traveling and is dedicated to the creation of true experiences along a trip. With the motto of providing professional and high quality services, we actively support the local community in developing and improving the quality of life by attracting a large number of domestic and international visitors. At the same time creating stable jobs and income for local workers.

Introducing foreign travelers to the beauty and culture of Vietnam, an emerging country, is a great responsibility.
Since our very first days as a tour operator, responsible business has been at the heart of what we do. With quality and customer service on top of our list, Mr Linh's Adventures work with a team of experienced and well-trained tour guides with official license obtained from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam. We focus on small group only or private tours, allowing a greater attention from the tour guide during the whole experience.
Community development is also at the centre of operations at Mr. Linh’s Adventures. We tend to work with local people for two main reasons. First, there is not better guide than a local who knows the area like the back of his hand. And second, because we want to provide jobs and help the local communities share the different benefits from the tourism industry. Either by training them into becoming local tour guides, or adapting their house into homestay and teaching them how to receive foreign travelers.

The recipe worked and Mr Linh's Adventures is now recognized on the international stage, both online and on the different global tradeshows. Our brand is respected and leading platforms and guidebooks such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet or Petit Futé do not hesitate to recommend us.

We look forward to welcoming all visitors to Vietnam and taking you to places that others can't reach.




I was born in a rural area in the far North of Vietnam, a place where technology was still a concept in post-war times. Tourism is something I could only dream about as a boy, a field which I never thought of joining before. Following my curiosity for modern technology, I decided to take Hanoi and joined an IT Management Solutions program at university. I knew that my country would eventually be seeking up-to-date ways of communication and I needed to cease the moment. After graduation I worked as a web designer for 10 years, before I realised my list of options had grown bigger. My skills are easy to apply in any field which allowed me to turn to tourism and ally my two passions: managing several websites with such beautiful contents and pictures about Vietnam. I am here to help you put images to the words and start picturing your future experience!


Account Manager
Shirley’s love of travel and adventure started at a young age, which led to her first role in the tourism industry as a Travel Agent, straight out of college. Over the next 3 decades, Shirley has grown her experience across all areas of the industry including wholesale, product management, and sales development for hotels, expedition cruising, touring and adventure activities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Shirley joined the SLC Representation team in 2022 as Account Manager based in Australia, and is responsible for promoting destinations including Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and representing this region across Australia and New Zealand to the travel trade.

Having recently returned from a journey across Vietnam, from Ha Long Bay in the north to Phu Quoc in the south, Shirley has ignited her passion for this incredible destination, filled with adventures such as trekking through Ba Be National Park, cruising amongst the limestone formations in Ha Long Bay, kayaking on the rivers near Ninh Binh and relaxing on the pristine beaches along Vietnam’s beautiful coastline.  

By joining the team at Mr Linh’s Adventures, Shirley is excited to share that knowledge and assist with designing exciting itineraries, providing suggestions and advice for different interests and markets and to help create an adventure that will build memories of a lifetime.


Tour Operator
My name is Van Anh, which allegedly means "beautiful white cloud," inspiring hope for a promising future. The name is a reflection of who I am - a  Joyful Rover. With positive energy, I always have a desire for the journey of discovery. That's why I'm always thrilled about short or long trips because I want to live my life to the fullest and fulfill my dream of traveling the entire world.
At the age of 20, I made the decision to major in tourism at the Department of French, Hanoi University since I was finally committed to realizing my ambition. In certain exchanges, I was fortunate to have the chance to work as an intern at Mr Linh's Adventures.
Working at Mr. Linh's Adventures, I feel as though my dream is gradually coming true. I had the very first journeys that challenged me from rocky mountain hiking discovery and stream cave expeditions to multi-cultural excursions. These experiences have opened up my visions and shown me more passion in life. It is so true that taking Adventures might be to lose balance for a moment. But not daring to take Adventures means losing ourselves!


Mountain Tour Operator
Hello everyone, my name is Nam. I was born and raised in Phu Tho province, a midland province in northern Vietnam. I have a large family of 7 living altogether in Hanoi.
I am a generous and easy-going man but with a perfectionist and competitive mind when at work. I enjoyed traveling very young and experiencing new things. I became a driver to discover the most beautiful roads of Vietnam and really know my country’s particularities. All this lead me to join the tourism industry where I feel like I belong. My qualities and skills acquired over time are a great mix to work as a travel consultant and be able to introduce foreigners to our beautiful Vietnam.
Every day is a new challenge, I keep learning about travel trends when sharing with our visitors. It helps me improve my set of skills and become the excellent travel consultant you deserve.


Tour Operator
Hi, my name is Thao Phuong. I’m so proud of being a part of the amazing Mr Linh’s Adventures.
Born and raised in the city - the capital Hanoi. I was exposed to tourism at an early age through tourists visiting the capital and outings with family and friends. However, all I experienced was just the basic programs. Until, a study opportunity at my university led me to Mr Linh's Adventures. Survey trips to each village, each trails, meeting with local people, participating in trekking, hiking, caving trips, etc. have changed all my perceptions about travel. It's truly a whole new chapter in my journey into the travel industry. 
I am really proud to be part of the sustainable tourism development on the lands imbued with local cultural identity. I wish I could inspire the wonderful energy I've had from these trips to friends around the world..


Tour Operations Manager
Anh - a dazzling name which I am proud of! I am 25 years old, currently living and working in Hanoi.
I have worked and been attached to Mr Linh’s Adventures for three years now. From a dynamic lively young student I became a professional tour operator. My main focus is to find the best tour guide for each itinerary. It is he who transmits his knowledge to the customers and guides them. I also take care of coordinating transportation and the after-sale service dealing with any issue that may occur during the tour.
From a young age, I always had the ambition to discover my beautiful country and set foot in every region. Those aspirations are now accessible thanks to my work. Joining Mr Linh’s Adventures gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and be trained in a young, dynamic and vibrant environment but equally professional. Mr Linh’s Adventures is a bridge to connect people from everywhere to any part of the country you think unreachable.


Tour Operator
Hi everyone, my name is Tham but I prefer to go by my English name Helen. I graduated from the Faculty of Tourism at Hanoi Open University in 2015. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed traveling so studying and traveling was my wish. I wanted to explore new places, learn about different cultures and people and I dit it. I have travelled to many places in our S-shaped country. From North to South, you will find my footprints everywhere!
In the course of my studies, I had a lot of part-time jobs like waitress or receptionist, so it gave me many opportunities to meet and talk with foreign guests. I had the chance to share with them and give them information about the destination, culture, and food in Vietnam. It helped me a lot later on.
Now I am working at Mr Linh’s Adventures travel company where I can use my knowledge and local expertise to advise passing travellers. I can relate on my travel experiences to design for them the most special tours and take them to the parts others can't reach.


Tour Operator
"May tourism be my destiny already" - That's what I thought when looking back on my "journey" with travel. I’ve loved traveling since I was a kid despite difficulties. As time went by, I enrolled in NEU as a student of the Tourism Management Faculty. Until now, when I've got more chances to travel, I will accomplish my desire to be attached the most to economics and tourism!
Traveling helps me realize Vietnam was gifted with great nature and marvelous culture to discover. And it is us - people in the field that will have the mission to motivate ourselves, and our tourists to preserve it. That is what I found at Mr Linh's Adventures' principal.
I am the one who always listens and follows your footsteps on every journey in the beautiful homeland of Vietnam. Let's join the journey with me and Mr Linh's Adventures and bring each other the best memories.


Tour Operator
Hello! Everyone calls me Lan Anh. I was born and raised in the only countryside without mountains, forests and sea in Vietnam. This has nurtured in me a curiosity about these landscapes and a desire to set foot in all the locations across Vietnam. The books and TV shows that helped me explore the world when I was a child could not fill that stronger and stronger desire. 
I've finally grown up. I have had more opportunities to travel outside my hometown and visit many places in Vietnam. Traveling is a great present for me, helps me learn more about life deeply, discover more new things and be more proud of my country. And I realize that travel not only satisfies my own passion but also makes me take great responsibility for introducing the landscapes, culture, and people of Vietnam to others, especially to foreign travelers.
That's why I - an “adventurous soul” guy - am now here at Mr Linh's Adventures to become a professional “designer” who makes your travel dreams come true. My mission is “take you to the parts others can’t reach”; to accompany you to discover the hidden beauties and the authentic values of the places. I always do my best to find new and wonderful things to bring you joy and unique experiences on your trips.


Travel Advisor
Lois Pearson, or 'Mrs Lois' is a 63 year old retired music teacher. She was an expat for 10 years in the Middle East and travelled extensively from the late 70s. Finding herself independent of husband (divorced), parents (deceased) and children (settled with growing families in Australia), she sold up, packed her 'life' into store, and now travels the world on a different axis each year stopping in Oz for 90 days to be a proper Granny.  Over 10 months, she trekked the Lycian Way in Turkey, crossed the Black Sea and went by train to St Petersburg, taking the Trans Mongolian train (3rd class) through Russia to Mongolia where she attended the Nadaam races on horseback. She continued overland through China, Vietnam, mainland Malaysia, Borneo and Thailand, gaining her open water and advanced PADI licence, on to Australia, returning to UK via Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. 
Being a member of Mr Linh's Adventures, I hope that your adventures are always properly designed and suitable for your style.



Travel Advisor
Willie Koen is a South African adventure traveller and hiking expedition leader known for his passion for exploring some of the world's most rugged and remote landscapes. Born in South Africa, Willie has always had a deep love for the outdoors and a thirst for adventure.
After leading a group of hikers to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in 2016, Willie discovered his talent for leading hiking expeditions. Over the years, he has organized and led groups on adventures in some of the world's most breath-taking locations, including Everest Basecamp, Turkey, Atlas Mountains in Morocco, Iceland, Ethiopia, Peru, and many locations in Africa.
Willie is renowned for his extensive knowledge of the areas he leads expeditions in, his ability to navigate challenging terrain, and his excellent communication skills. Despite facing many challenges and obstacles along the way, Willie continues to be drawn to the beauty and mystery of the world's wilderness areas. He is driven by a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to discover new and unexplored territories.
While leading a group of hikers in the north of Vietnam, Willie fell in love with the beauty of Vietnam and decided to team up with Mr Linh's Adventures to introduce the magic of Vietnam to fellow South Africans. He has since travelled to Southern, Central and Northern Vietnam as well as the beautiful Vietnamese islands of Phu Quoc.


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