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Mr Linh's Adventures

Mr Linh’s Adventures is a Hanoi-based travel company and tour operator, organizing adventure trips on Vietnam's offbeat tracks. Since May 2012 we offer unique and different experiences to those who love adventure at different levels, and to discover new things such as outstanding cave systems, primitive forests, remote villages of local ethnic minorities living on the frontier with China. Each journey is designed as an adventure to satisfy one's desire to explore, discover, learn and challenge oneself.

Nguyen Tuan Linh
Standing out from the crowd requires a combination of several factors. In addition to the great care we put on the quality of our services, it takes an unconventional leader to build up original itineraries. Mr Linh is this leader, so impatient to see the world that he has chosen to be born in the shade of a tea bush rather than in a hospital. He had a hard-working but idyllic childhood cutting grass for his grandfather's buffalo and working in the rice fields of Phu Tho Province. As Linh grew, so did his curiosity for the world, bringing with it the ambition of becoming a tour guide. He dreamed of meeting people from all around the world and connecting them with the beautiful landscapes and cultures of his country.

Mr Linh surrounded himself with a professional team who loves traveling and is dedicated to the creation of true experiences along a trip. With the motto of providing professional and high quality services, we actively support the local community in developing and improving the quality of life by attracting a large number of domestic and international visitors. At the same time creating stable jobs and income for local workers.

Introducing foreign travelers to the beauty and culture of Vietnam, an emerging country, is a great responsibility.
Since our very first days as a tour operator, responsible business has been at the heart of what we do. With quality and customer service on top of our list, Mr Linh's Adventures work with a team of experienced and well-trained tour guides with official license obtained from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam. We focus on small group only or private tours, allowing a greater attention from the tour guide during the whole experience.
Community development is also at the centre of operations at Mr. Linh’s Adventures. We tend to work with local people for two main reasons. First, there is not better guide than a local who knows the area like the back of his hand. And second, because we want to provide jobs and help the local communities share the different benefits from the tourism industry. Either by training them into becoming local tour guides, or adapting their house into homestay and teaching them how to receive foreign travelers.

The recipe worked and Mr Linh's Adventures is now recognized on the international stage, both online and on the different global tradeshows. Our brand is respected and leading platforms and guidebooks such as TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet or Petit Futé do not hesitate to recommend us.

We look forward to welcoming all visitors to Vietnam and taking you to places that others can't reach.




I was born in a rural area in the far North of Vietnam, a place where technology was still a concept in post-war times. Tourism is something I could only dream about as a boy, a field which I never thought of joining before. Following my curiosity for modern technology, I decided to take Hanoi and joined an IT Management Solutions program at university. I knew that my country would eventually be seeking up-to-date ways of communication and I needed to cease the moment. After graduation I worked as a web designer for 10 years, before I realised my list of options had grown bigger. My skills are easy to apply in any field which allowed me to turn to tourism and ally my two passions: managing several websites with such beautiful contents and pictures about Vietnam. I am here to help you put images to the words and start picturing your future experience!


Vice-Director & Tour Leader
I could not imagine my life today without travel. The smiles and happiness I receive on a daily basis, from ethnic minorities and the local people while on tour, are the best things I can think of. I have travelled everywhere in my country, more specifically in the Northern mountains, following off-the-beaten-track trails, exploring caves, motor-biking or cycling. One of the reasons people call me the ‘Jungle Man’. I started as a cook during ny studies to become an English teacher. After a few years of practice I decided to change career and became a Hotel manager, my very first step into tourism industry. I decided to go back to university and I met Mr Linh. Our ideas became one and decided to unite to provide thousands of tourists with happiness our own way. I became Tour Leader and a professional tour guide, and after 10 years in the tourism, I am confident to declare that I have many places to show you to give you the most memorable trip. I welcome you to my home country and promise you happiness, smiles and an unforgettable experience.


Business Development Director
Born and raised in Paris, I have spent most of my first working years in the fashion industry, following the incessant rhythm of Fashion Weeks, working in contact with people from all nationalities. This fascinating experience forged my will to discover other parts of the world and see how things are done across the border. Coming to Vietnam was the best decision ever made, the un-familiarity of things was refreshing and eye-widening. I fell in love with Vietnam the minute I took my first steps in the bustling city of Hanoi. I discovered a new culture, new language, one of the best food I ever tasted and warm people, affectionate and welcoming. I feel very eager now to promote Vietnam’s wonders and beauty to my dear fellow countrymen and women, and share the astonishing kindness I receive here on a daily basis.
Mr Linh’s Adventures team is highly professional and dedicated to their chore value, which is make travellers discover their homeland in the most authentic and responsible way possible. We are here to design a one-of-a-kind journey and give you memories you will always cherish.


MICE & B2B Sales Manager
Hello, my name is Thu Ha; Cathy is my English name. Currently, I am an Incentive Team Leader at Trusted DMC – Mr Linh’s Adventures Travel Company.
 I graduated from the Faculty of English Languages at Dong Do University. Since then there are two special activities that I love most of all. The first is volunteering. When I was a student I joined Volunteer for Peace Vietnam, a non-profit organisation, where I was teaching Vietnamese language. My second special interest is tourism. I love to go on adventure trips, when I was student and had free time, I would always travel with my friend.
 In my family I have two uncles who were tour guides. I went to travel companies with them many times and could see some beautiful women working in the office. From that moment on, I dreamed of becoming one of them, someone who can design the perfect trip with the best experience and memories for customers.
I have worked in the tourism industry for more than 8 years and had the chance to join international trade fairs, worked with large and small companies at different job positions from hotel receptionist to Sales Manager. My knowledge covers the following destinations: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.
Let me take you to the parts others can't reach. I am confident I can design your perfect trip!


B2C Sales Manager
Hello everyone, my name is Nam. I was born and raised in Phu Tho province, a midland province in northern Vietnam. I have a large family of 7 living altogether in Hanoi.
I am a generous and easy-going man but with a perfectionist and competitive mind when at work. I enjoyed traveling very young and experiencing new things. I became a driver to discover the most beautiful roads of Vietnam and really know my country’s particularities. All this lead me to join the tourism industry where I feel like I belong. My qualities and skills acquired over time are a great mix to work as a travel consultant and be able to introduce foreigners to our beautiful Vietnam.
Every day is a new challenge, I keep learning about travel trends when sharing with our visitors. It helps me improve my set of skills and become the excellent travel consultant you deserve.


Tour Operator
My name is Thao Nguyen. I was born and grew up in a little town outside of Hanoi. I had a very happy childhood like many other children in the countryside. My family is not well-off, so I rarely participated in school trips with friends. Perhaps because of that reason, I had the dream of working in the tourism industry to travel around the world.
At the age of 18, I decided to apply to one of the prestigious tourism training schools – Faculty of tourism at Hanoi Open University. With a certain chance, I happened to come in contact with Mr Linh’s Adventures travel company and have been working here as a local tour operator.
It has now been two years and I really love my job, it gives me the chance to explore many places. Mr Linh’s Adventures is like my second home. All of my colleagues are very friendly, enthusiastic, young and professional. We are a united team and always help each other to bring our customers the most memorable trips and vacations in Vietnam.
In the future, I will definitely improve my set of skills and work harder to pursue my dream of traveling around the world with my family.


Tour Operations Manager
Anh - a dazzling name which I am proud of! I am 25 years old, currently living and working in Hanoi.
I have worked and been attached to Mr Linh’s Adventures for three years now. From a dynamic lively young student I became a professional tour operator. My main focus is to find the best tour guide for each itinerary. It is he who transmits his knowledge to the customers and guides them. I also take care of coordinating transportation and the after-sale service dealing with any issue that may occur during the tour.
From a young age, I always had the ambition to discover my beautiful country and set foot in every region. Those aspirations are now accessible thanks to my work. Joining Mr Linh’s Adventures gave me the opportunity to develop my skills and be trained in a young, dynamic and vibrant environment but equally professional. Mr Linh’s Adventures is a bridge to connect people from everywhere to any part of the country you think unreachable.


HR & Office Manager
Hello, my name is To Thi Thuy Hang. I am 27 years old, married and have two small children. I was born and raised in Phu Tho, a province in the North-East of Vietnam. Currently, my family is living in a small house in Hanoi.
I feel very fortunate to have been with Mr Linh’s Adventures for the past two years. My main occupation is accounting. I have a strong interest in the tourism industry and financial services. Since I started, I have gained so much knowledge and human contacts working in a young environment with such enthusiasm and dynamism, and being able to visit many places learning more about the cultural characteristics of each region in my beloved country.
Mr Linh’s Adventures is my second home thanks to close colleagues. We always try our best to give visitors the best holiday, the most impressive and meaningful adventure in Vietnam.
My long-term goal is to become one of the assets for the development of the company. I wish to see the business grow and become a symbol and inspiration for other companies.


Tour Operator
Hi everyone, my name is Tham but I prefer to go by my English name Helen. I graduated from the Faculty of Tourism at Hanoi Open University in 2015. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed traveling so studying and traveling was my wish. I wanted to explore new places, learn about different cultures and people and I dit it. I have travelled to many places in our S-shaped country. From North to South, you will find my footprints everywhere!
In the course of my studies, I had a lot of part-time jobs like waitress or receptionist, so it gave me many opportunities to meet and talk with foreign guests. I had the chance to share with them and give them information about the destination, culture, and food in Vietnam. It helped me a lot later on.
Now I am working at Mr Linh’s Adventures travel company where I can use my knowledge and local expertise to advise passing travellers. I can relate on my travel experiences to design for them the most special tours and take them to the parts others can't reach.


Tour Operator
I am Tam, I have been working as tour operator for Mr Linh’s Adventures travel company in Hanoi since 2018. From a first career choice in real estate, I made the decision to switch to tourism to follow my childhood desire which is introduce the great features of my beloved country to all people crossing this land, and share the ambition of becoming a keen traveller.
When becoming a tour operator, I was seeking knowledge to share my experiences and especially, help you create your own. Every tour is unique and I highly appreciate the trust received by customers when planning their unforgettable and fulfilling trip in Vietnam.


Tour Operator
My name is Quang and I’m a local Tour Operator at Mr Linh’s Adventures. Born and raised in Hanoi city, I had the chance to discover my hometown from a young age. Growing up, I travelled more often from the high mountains of the North to the beautiful seaside in the South. This curiosity gave me knowledge and experience about the geography of Vietnam, and soon enough I realized I wanted to share it with people, people who wanted to know what Vietnam really is.
Working as a Tour Operator for Mr Linh’s Adventures, I am confident to say that this position is the perfect opportunity for meeting people and share experiences. I’m working with enthusiasm, precision and stability to offer the best service and give worldwide travellers a great journey during their time in my country, a chance to reach the places others can’t.


Tour Operator
Hello everyone, my name is Hue, I come from Bac Kan, a mountainous province located in the Northeast of Vietnam. I graduated from Hanoi University, a prestigious university that acquired its reputation by majoring in educating foreign languages. With a deep love for my country, and since I rarely had the chance to travel outside my hometown, I have always dreamt of traveling to different places in Vietnam and introduce these hidden beauties to others, especially to international friends. This urge motivated me in seeking a career in the tourism industry. And here I am at Mr Linh’s Adventures where I can introduce different places in my country to many people, with their own unique features that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. We are confident that we can be a special connection that brings you to the paths others can’t reach!

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