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Vietnam offers a wide range of accommodation, including on the main tourist sites. There is something for every taste, for every budget, in every style. Focus on hotels and resorts in Vietnam.
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Find a place to stay in Vietnam

Travelling to Vietnam also means resting. Finding the right accommodation is a crucial step in a successful trip. The Country with Two Deltas offers a very wide range of hotels, resorts, hostels, homestays, motels,... not to mention resorts and other luxury hotels 5 Stars or more, according to a classification sometimes unclear (we will come back to it a little later in this article).
Today, the level of accommodation in Vietnam is, overall, excellent. In the main tourist areas, the offer meets all budgets, and although prices are a bit expensive by Southeast Asian standards, the quality is generally higher than what is usually expected. While it is theoretically possible to easily find accommodation on site, it is nevertheless advisable to book well in advance to be sure to get exactly what you are asking for. In thisthe same wayif you have not booked, beware of the advice of cyclo or taxi drivers, who tend to announce that such a hotel you have heard about is complete, so you will be offered to drive you to an accommodation that will pay a commission to the driver. Also beware of fake signs, very often copy/ paste reputable brand name (a bit like counterfeit), check that you are led to the right address.
Once you’ve found your cozy nest of the moment, ask to see the rooms before choosing one, as standards can vary greatly within the same establishment (in particular, rooms without windows are quite common). Take the opportunity to check the beds, as it is just as common that a «single» room has a single bed or twin beds, while a «double» room could have two, three or four single beds, a double, a single and a double, and so on.
The room rate varies according to demand, so it is always worth negotiating. Of course, you have to make sure that both parties speak well per person or per room. In addition, be aware that hotels charge a government tax of 10%, while upscale properties also charge a service fee (usually 5%). These taxes may or may not be included in the room rate, so be sure to check this point.
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Types of accommodation in Vietnam

As mentioned above, the ranking of accommodation is not a case of the clearest in Vietnam. The names used (guest house, mini-hotel, hotel, etc.) very rarely reflect what they offer as services and the ranges have a rather confusing tendency to overlap…. Overall, old Vietnamese hotels are rather boring, state-owned buildings follow the standards of an ancient Eastern Europe, while many private mini-hotels make a real effort to adapt to Western demand. Some hotels check off all options with a range of rooms ranging from simple rooms with fan and cold tap water, to air-conditioned rooms with TV, refrigerator and mini-bar. In general, the more recent a place is, the better the service it is likely to offer in terms of comfort, hygiene and pleasure.
There is a growing number of “resorts” in the S-shapped Country. One might be tempted by the comfort of an all-inclusive resort, but in fact they are simply hotels, usually with pretty landscaped gardens, located on the beach or in the countryside. Where what is included in the rate is the only breakfast, but with however the possibility to take all your meals on site.

A range of rates to meet all hotel requests

For more than $30 per room per night, the accommodation will be very comfortable, the rooms reasonably spacious and well appointed, furnished and air-conditioned, with Wi-Fi and hot water, refrigerator, telephone and television.
For a fee of $30 to $75, you will get a room in a mid-range upscale hotel, with a restaurant and bar in the building/complex, a reservation desk, room service, etc.
At the top of the range, there is really no limit. Most of the world class hotels are located in the two major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. However, in recent years, real estate agents have targeted Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang and Ha Long City, all of which now have (very) upscale hotels.

The hotel range in Vietnam

Staying in a hotel is a great option for your accommodation during your trip to Vietnam! By choosing from a range of modest but comfortable hotels (3 Stars) up to the luxurious five-star hotels, you are sure to find the perfect place to meet your expectations and preferences.

Standard hotel business

The equivalent of a 1 or 2 star Western standard offers a very average comfort, without charm and without service. Book in case of adventure trip in the mountains of Tonkin, if homestay accommodation is not an option.
Superior hotel
Displaying 3 or 4 stars in Vietnam, these avenges would be the equivalent of a 2 or 3 Stars in Europe. Comfort, cleanliness, good bedding and a well-equipped bathroom make these accommodations unpretentious but very decent, with an excellent price/quality ratio (some hotels in this range can offer a spa, swimming pool, restaurant, laundry service…).
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Boutique hotel

Often small and ideally located, these accommodations follow a theme or a particular style: vintage, art deco or contemporary, colonial or Asian atmosphere, urban or bungalow in the countryside, the charming hotel seduces with delicacy and discreet luxury, while offering impeccable service and relaxation in a unique and warm spirit.

Luxury hotels

We’re here on Western 5-star. Often compared to 5-star luxury, the very high-end hotel industry in Vietnam brings together international brands established for a long time in Indochina, giving them a high standing, excellent reputation and a unique know-how that is close to excellence. Beyond these chains perhaps a little smooth and soulless, there are dream hotels, those that even exceed the expectations of customers, down to the smallest details. Is it necessary to specify that the price range also reaches peaks?
Whether you are looking to explore the bustling cities of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, relax on the beautiful beaches of Da Nang or Nha Trang, or immerse yourself in the beautiful natural landscapes of Ha Long Bay or Sa Pa, there will certainly be a hotel for you!

Luxury resorts and accommodation in Vietnam

luxury-hotelStaying at a resort in Vietnam is an incredible experience that will make your vacation unforgettable.
In this captivating country, luxury is relatively affordable. Vietnam has a very nice range of resorts with private access to a pristine sandy beach, Bungalow complexes scattered throughout the jungle as a starting point for memorable trekking trails or peaceful houses nestled in rice fields, with silhouettes inspired by ethnic architecture, all offering world-class facilities and services.
Each establishment will be keen to entertain you with its own activities: water sports, trek and other hiking or cycling are at the rendezvous of these exceptional accommodations. Wellness is of course not forgotten, with an offer of spa treatments, massage, fitness centers, yoga and other pools and gourmet restaurants.
Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, there is a resort in Vietnam to suit your needs. Have fun!

Good to know

As soon as you arrive, you will be asked to leave your passport at the reception (for registration with the local authorities). As a rule, it is advisable to leave only one photocopy. Depending on the establishment, it will be returned the same evening, or kept safe until your departure.
Do not tempt the devil! Do not leave your valuables in the room and keep your travel documents and papers with you and at all times, in a suitable pouch. In this regard, be aware that high-end hotels and many mid-range hotels offer safes,
Virtually every hotel in the major cities of the country has a western style laundry and dry cleaning service. However, avoid entrusting delicate laundry…
To avoid any misunderstanding when leaving your room, check the contents of the mini bar (if there is one)
Remember to ask for the business card of your establishment, it very often includes a map on the back, very useful to make you understand by the taxi driver, for example.
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