Top 5 Stunning Islands to Discover in Vietnam

Phu Quoc island
Phu Quoc island - Source: Dulich24h

The island of Phu Quoc was not considered the gem of Vietnam’s coastal region by coincidence. This charming paradise possesses a great variety of resources including beaches, tropical forests and biodiversity. With the cool air and soothing temperature, any tourists coming to the island can always find their needs for an unforgettable relaxation. There are also different services (entertainment, amusement, relaxation, gastronomy, etc.) on the island, which can elevate the experience of visitors.

Best time to visit Phu Quoc island: October - May

Con Dao seaside
Con Dao island beach areas - Source: Con Dao Explorer

The second nominee for 5 best islands in Vietnam should be the name of Con Dao island, another extraordinary attraction in the South of the country. Recognised and recommended by The Lonely Planet, Con Dao shows off its beauty with the diversity of flora and fauna as well as blue, transparent beaches. The ideal weather on the island can usually be seen as a plus in tourists’ point of view. At the same time, this picturesque pearl keeps historical, cultural and traditional aspects of Vietnamese throughout hundreds of years. Many will have the chance to explore deep into Vietnam’s stories.

Best time to visit Con Dao island: February - September: 

Ly Son island
Ly Son island seaside - Source: Collective

Ly Son island, a famous destination for anyone seeking a gorgeous seaside area. The island is known for its glamorous beaches, where you can lie down lazily and gaze at the sunrise or sunset. Located in the area of the province of Da Nang, Ly Son also possesses a great amount of resources, just enough for tourists to explore. A camping trip would be perfect to wander around and be amazed by the nature of this charming island.

Best time to visit Ly Son island: June - September

Cu Lao Cham - Cham island
Cu Lao Cham seaside - Source: Collective

Also situated in the territory of Da Nang, Cham island (or Cu Lao Cham in Vietnamese) is a destination popular for its beauty and its unique Cham architectural structures. The place is known to be cool and refreshing all year. The plus of this island is signified at the diversity of species, local cuisine and tourist attractions. Not even mention an ideal price rate for services found on the island.

Best time to visit Cham island: March - August

Co To island view
Co To island seaside - Source: Collective

Last but not least, we move on to the bright gem of the coastal area in the north of Vietnam. Quang Ninh province is famous for Ha Long bay but also known for its gorgeous island named Co To. The island still manages to maintain the deep blue ocean water of its beaches. You will find mostly in this destination multiple seasides and islets. The attraction is just perfect for any type of relaxation during your vacation in Vietnam. Don’t miss the special seafood dishes while visiting Co To island, you will love the flavorful taste of northern cuisine there.

Best time to visit Co To island: April - September

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Published on 12th August, 2021
Written by Khanh Le, Assistant Manager at Mr Linh’s Adventures

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