Southern Laos

Si Phan Don highlights and travel guide

Si Phan Don, meaning “Four Thousand Islands” certainly lives up to its name. On this vast river archipelago, time moves slowly and great views can be had from pretty much any location

Bolaven Plateau Region

Sporting a cool climate, an astounding ion of magnificent waterfalls, and the best coffee in all of Laos, the Bolaven Plateau has become a mainstay in any Southern Laos itinerary

Champasak highlights and travel guide

Once the seat of local royalty between 1713 and 1946, Champasak has lost much of its former glory and prestige. Due to the high number of nearby attractions and the famous Wat Phu Champasak

Pakse highlights and travel guide

Resting on the confluence of the Mekong and Don rivers, Pakse is the capital of Champasak Province, but for travellers, its primary purpose is to serve as a gateway to Southern Laos

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