Banh Hoi (Rice noodle sheet)

Its name is a little bit confusing, it actually is not a cake at all, but a dish of thin rice noodles woven into intricate bundles. In spite of the texture and taste quite similar to vermicelli‘s, fresh bánh hỏi is distinctively thin and soft. Processing bánh hỏi entails simple steps and a few ingredients. Firstly, soaked rice is ground with clean water by a mill, creating a flour solution. Next, cook the flour, stir it regularly until it starts coagulate, well-done and ready enough for pressing. The pressing machine turns the dough into long thin strands that are grouped in sheet, placed on banana leaves and then steamed for a while.
Banh Hoi (Rice noodle sheet)
Cool them and finally fresh bánh hỏi is done. Traditionally, bánh hỏi is brushed with chopped scallions or garlic chives sautéed in oil, and commonly served with chạo tôm or grilled pork. To make chạo tôm, shrimp paste is molded around a sugar cane stick and then broiled. Place chạo tôm or grilled pork on the noodle sheet, roll it up, pour spicy fish sauce on and then gradually enjoy this perfect combination.
Vietnam Adventure 15 days 14 nights

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