Pork Summer Roll

Pork Summer Roll is a speciality of Da Nang that satisfies even the most demanding gourmet. Make from such an ordinary type of meat such as pork, this dish has gain a universal reputation in Da Nang and many other regions in Vietnam.

To make the exact kind of roll, the pork chosen must have a balance between meat and fat. It is then boiled until it reaches a certain degree of softness. Boiled pork is slice and placed onto the plate. Next, the vegetables are prepared. They include cucumbers, perillas, lettuce, green bananas and other kinds of fresh veggies. Eaters can either choose the wrapped rolls or enjoy wrapping their own Pork Summer Roll. When making your own rolls, make sure that you eat them with the tasty sauce that can only be found in Quang Nam and Da Nang. Even though the ingredients of the sauce (chilis, garlic and pineapple) are easy to recognize, no one can ever discover the trick of local people to make this sauce. Last but not least, Pork Summer Roll dish cannot be completed without a plate of white noodle. You have to eat the rolls and the noodle together to fully experience the real flavor of this speciality.
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