Thuan Hung rice-paper producing town

Thuan Hung town is about 40 km Northwest from the center of Can Tho city. This town is famous for its traditional rice-paper which is indispensable in many Vietnamese traditional dishes, especially Spring Roll.
When you reach the town, your first impression will be the white color of rice-paper which is present in front of many houses. Walking through the narrow street in the town, the smell of the floor can awake your olfactory.
Rice –paper making has been the tradition for generations in this town. This job has helped people in earning their living. They make rice-paper the whole year, especially at Tet holiday, when the demand of this food rises high.

It is not very difficult to make a rice-paper by your own but it requires skillful movements of hand and experience to make the rice-paper in good shape. They use special tools to make the round shape while boiling it. For a skilled maker, it takes 20 seconds to finish one. After finishing the making, the rice-paper is dried under the sunlight for 2 days.

There are many kinds of rice-papers which require different recipes and techniques. You will be impressed by the friendliness of people here. You can stop by any house and watch people make the rice-paper. They even ask you to try and eat for free. Since this is not a tourist destination, you can feel a real traditional life here.
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