Fried Tofu with Salted Egg

Tofu is a popular ingredients of Vietnamese cuisines. Try this new dish of Fried tofu with Salted Egg and let us know what you think.


15 Minutes

20 Minutes


-    1 pack of soft tofu
-    2-3 salted eggs.
-    3 Tbsp corn starch flour
-    1 Tbsp custard powder
-    Salt, pepper, cooking oil
-    Small spring onion


1 -    Cut tofu into small square pieces
2 -    Clean spring onion and slice into small short pieces
3 -    Boil salted eggs, peel away its outer layer and take the egg yolks
4 -    Grind egg yolks thoroughly
5 -    Mix corn starch flour and custard powder together. Roll tofu pieces with this mixture and then fry them until they become crispy and golden brown.
6 -    Pick up fried tofu pieces into a plate
7 -    Pour some cooking oil into the pan, put ground egg yolks in and stir regularly, then season with salt.
8 -    Put fried tofu in and stir so that egg yolks can stick to each tofu piece. Pick up tofu pieces into a plate
9 -    Put sliced spring onion into the pan, stir until it smells. Put onion on tofu, sprinkle with pepper


This dish is served hot with Soya-sauce and cooked rice.
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