Grilled chicken with tamarind sauce

What can be tastier than the crisp from the grilled chicken and the soft and saucy from the tamarind paste. Go get your apron!

50 Minutes

40 Minutes


•    1 Chicken
•    1 Cup  tamarind
•    1 Tbsp shredded eryngium leaves
•    1 Tbsp onion
•    1 Tsp of grinded garlic
•    2 Tsp of chilly sauce
•    2 Tbsp of fish sauce
•    2 Tbsp of sugar or honey
•    1 Tsp of pepper
•    3 Tbsp of sugar
•    Some wine, cooking oil, coconut liquor


•    Wash clean the chicken, chop into pieces, then mix the chicken with ginger, onion, garlic, pepper for 30 minutes
•    Wash tamarind then boil, filter to get the water
•    Steam the mixed chicken for 15 minutes
•    Make tamarind sauce: boil cooking oil, fry ginger, onion, garlic, green onion and some wine. When the wine is dry, pour in tamarind water, chilly sauce, fish sauce, pepper, sugar, coconut liquor, hot chilly, and shredded erygium leaves. Heat until it is viscous
•    Pour down the steamed chicken, mix it with tamarind sauce for 10 minutes, then grill at 200 Celsius degree

Serving suggestion: serve hot with vermicelli or cooked rice
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