Chicken grilled with lime leaves

Lime leaves, or kaffir leaves, are popular in most chicken dishes in Vietnam, including the boiled and grilled ones.


40 Minutes

30 Minutes


•    1 chicken
•    1 Tbsp shredded lemon leaves
•    1 Tsp of salt
•    1 Tsp of spice
•    ½ Tsp of five spice seasoning
•    1 Tsp of grinded garlic
•    1 Tbsp of honey
•    1 Tsp of lemon mash liquor
•    1 Lemon
•    2 Red pepper
•    2 Tbsp shredded knotgrass


•    Wash clean the chicken, then mix with salt, spice, five spice seasoning and shredded lemon leaves for 30 minutes
•    Apply honey and lemon mash liquor onto the chicken’s skin
•    Grill at 200 Celsius degree until the skin turns into yellow
•    Chop the chicken into pieces, pour into the dish and dust with shredded lemon leaves

Serving suggestion: serve this dish with spice, pepper and lemon sauce
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