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10 days in Vietnam: off-the-beaten-track tips

Spending 10 days to explore Vietnam is plenty of time to get to know locals, make unexpected discoveries and get off the beaten track. Here’s what to expect in a Vietnam itinerary of 10 days and insider tips for getting off-the-beaten-track.

Ho Chi Minh City
No visit to Vietnam is complete without a stop in Ho Chi Minh City. Previously known as Saigon, this energetic, buzzing and fast-paced city blends tradition with its place as one of Asia’s most exciting modern cities. To get off-the-beaten-track in Ho Chi Minh City, do as the locals do and hire a moped for an afternoon. Or if you want someone else to take the reins, follow The Independent’s advice and book an Uber moto. You can book it in exactly the same way as a normal Uber, but the mode of transport is just a little more ‘local’ than usual. The perfect addition to day one of a Vietnam itinerary lasting 10 days.

 Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnels
These tunnels were used by the Vietnamese army during the war with the USA, and consist of thousands of miles of underground networks. Whole communities existed below ground for months at a time. The Cu Chi Tunnels are visited by lots of international visitors, yet the nearby Fosaco village rarely makes it onto tourists’ agendas. It’s a place to find out all about Vietnam’s ethnic minorities in a peaceful location.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Can Tho
In the heart of the Mekong Delta, Can Tho gives a totally different view of Vietnamese life from that of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a place to explore the waterways, indulge in the freshest agricultural produce the country has to offer and participate in the famous floating markets. To get to the heart of the region, take the opportunity to spend some time with local farmers at a nursery garden, finding out how they produce their world famous rainbow ion of fruit and vegetables.

Can Tho

Da Lat
Known as the ‘city of eternal springs’, Da Lat is a place to discover waterfalls, pagodas and the Summer Palace of Vietnam’s last emperor – Bao Dai. It’s a quiet and less bustling place in Vietnam to spend some time. For an unexpected side to Da Lat, visit the Hang Nga guesthouse – more popularly known as the ‘Crazy House’. Designed and constructed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, the design of the building resembles a giant tree, with natural forms such as mushrooms and spider webs crafted into the design.

Da Lat

Nha Trang
One of Vietnam’s most popular beach regions, Nha Trang is the place to go for soft sand, water sports and bars in the evening. Follow the advice of blogger Nomadic Matt and take a day trip to Yang Bay from Nha Trang. In Yang Bay, it’s possible to hike to three waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation with amazing views of mountain vistas.

Nha Trang

Mr Linh’s Adventures can organise a Vietnam itinerary of 10 days that takes in all these locations and more.
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