Soup Recipes

Goat Hotpot (Lau de)
Goat hotpot is a delicious way to combine the rich flavour of goat with various types of herbs and vegetables. The dish is especially great for family gathering and best served in cold winter days. PREPARATION TIME: 15 Minutes COOK TIME: 30 Minutes PREPARE INGREDIENTS • 1.5 pounds goat meat • 5 scallions • 2 tbsp garlic • 1 tbsp turmeric • 2 pounds rice noodle (can be dried or fresh one) • 5 tomatoes • 1 tbsp lemongrass • 1 tbsp ginger • 1 tbsp chopped green onions •  Vietnamese cilantro and thorny coriander (see Vietnamese herbs) • 2 cans (1 pound each) of chicken broth •  Salt and pepper, fish sauce, fresh chili • Other vegetables such as mushroom, okra, bok choy to serve with the hotpot. DETAIL RECIPE 1. Finely chop scallion, ginger and lemongrass. 2. Slice goat meat into thin slice and marinate with garlic, ginger, turmeric powder, 2 tbsp of fish sauce and 1 tsp of pepper. 3. Heat oil to boil and stir fry the garlic, scallions and lemongrass until fragrant. Then put the goat meat in to stir fry for 10 minutes, and pour chicken broth in to boil. Bring water to a boil over medium low heat, and add sliced tomatoes. 4. Cook over low heat until goat meat become tender, add salt and pepper to taste and you get the hotpot broth. 5. Arrange washed veggies and cooked noodle on plates to serve with hotpot.
Braised Tofu with Coconut
This is an ideal dish for vegetarians: easy, cheap and fast to make. PREPARATION TIME: 15 Minutes COOK TIME: 20 Minutes PREPARE INGREDIENTS -    3 packs of tofu (medium or soft) -    1 Cup coconut -    1 Cup coconut milk -    Sugar, salt, pepper, cooking oil DETAIL RECIPE 1 - Cut tofu into medium square pieces, fry with cooking oil until it has golden brown color. 2 - Clean coconut, slice into pieces of  about 3 cm, season with some spice 3 - Boil sugar with some water to make caramel, put coconut pieces in, stir some minutes then pour coconut milk. When the mixture is boiled, put fried tofu in, season with sugar, salt, pepper. Continue to simmer until only one-third of coconut milk is left. Serve This dish is served hot with cooked rice.
Soft Tofu Soup
PREPARATION TIME: 15 Minutes COOK TIME: 15 Minutes PREPARE INGREDIENTS -    1cake soft tofu -    ½ small squash -    1 branch celery -    ¼ small China squash -    3 potatoes -    3 Tbsp Shiitake mushroom -    Seasoning powder, pepper -    5 Cups consommé DETAIL RECIPE -    Cut tofu into square pieces -    Peel squash, clean and cut into slices -    Clean celery and cut into pieces -    Peel China squash and potato, clean and cut into square pieces -    Clean Shiitake mushroom and cut into slices -    Boil consommé, put tofu and all kinds of vegetable in, add seasoning powder. Serve Ladle soup out into bowl, sprinkle with pepper. This dish is served hot with cooked rice
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