Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights

Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days

Tour code: BBTT03T
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Level of difficulty: Medium trek
Activities: 30 – 35km trek
Percentage of trekking: Jungle 60%, trail 40%
Elevation: 150m – 600m
Small group tour: 12 people
Pick up: Your Hotel in Hanoi
Drop off: Your Hotel in Hanoi
Price: $489 / person


- Jungle trek inside Ba Be National Park and across the river
- Explore the diverse and beautiful landscapes of Ba Be
- Expedition water river cave – 3km
- See the most beautiful stalactites formed naturally
- Swim in a pretty natural freshwater cave
- Lunch with traditional dishes prepared by locals
- Kayaking & canoeing on Ba Be lake & Nang river
- Visit the legendary An Ma Temple
  • Day 1: Hanoi - Ba Be National Park (L/D)
    • You will be collected from your hotel at 07:30 to start your discovery of Ba Be National Park. After 250km driving for feasting on some authentic Vietnamese food in a street restaurant you will continue your journey. You will voyage on the Nang River following it through the foothills of the towering limestone peaks. The journey down the river will bring you to the mouth of Puong Cave, a large cavern standing 30m high and 300m long. Puong cave sits at the base of the majestic Lung Nham Mountain, one in a chain of limestone mountains that spread across the sky and the river. The cave is not only impressive for its towering structure, but you will also the amazing colonies of bats living the cave with 18 different species currently inhabiting it and adventure 7 km trek on the trails of Ba Be's jungle. You will spend the first night relaxing in Mr Hung’s homestay, a Dzao's ethnic family.

      - A 7-10km trek in the jungle
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
  • Day 2: Jungle Trekking & Villages (B/L/D)
    • Today is the day to unleash your inner adventurer as you veer off the beaten path and into the mountains of North Vietnam. You will get away from the usual tourist destinations in favour of discovering the true, pure beauty of nature. As you trek further, the staggering mountains, winding rivers and mystical caves are all waiting to be explored. Along the way, you will meet the H’mong people as who will share their culture with you. You will also travel to the villages of Khau Qua and Nam Dai and meet the Dzao people and visit their beautifully crafted wooden houses nestled in the mountains and valleys. You will then venture to Coc Toc where you will experience the life of the Tay locals who reside in tall, wooden stilt houses. You will get a firsthand experience of sleeping in a stilt house as you stay overnight in Mr Linh’s homestay.

      - 12- 15km trek in the jungle
      - Hmong, and Zao ethnic minorities are the tribes in Ba Be National Park's jungle

      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
  • Day 3: Tham Phay Cave Expedition (B/L/D)
    • Breakfast at homestay then after a thirty-minute drive, you'll reach Tham Phay Cave, the hike starts with a steep uphill leading into the forest. Some rock at the top, and then a similar slope before the trail fades and you enter the valley. Turning west of the trail is a large patch of rock for you to find your way through, with the help and direction of your guide and safety team. The precarious entrance is at the end of the forest. Enjoy some snacks before starting to explore the cave.

      Tham Phay Cave is a beautiful river cave with two underground river tributaries, where you will experience narrow passages, craggy mountains and some deep pools with very nice photo opportunities. Plants and algae cover many calcite formations. Going deeper into the cave, you will find many unusual features of the cave such as the ceiling dome and many layers of rock, giving the walls a striking appearance. You will spend about five hours exploring this 5km deep river cave, which geologists have not discovered so far. Of course, we will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as helmets and powerful headlights. The cave expands considerably as you go through the original entrance and offers some great opportunities for excellent photos.

      Enjoy a few snacks before continuing the journey to explore the 2nd path of the cave system possesses miraculous stalagmites millions of years old, dangerous sinkholes and heat flows at the bottom .
      Leaving Tham Phay, you will return to the cave entrance and return to homestay.

      - A 6km trek, 5km expedition
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
  • Day 4: Ba Be Lake - Hanoi (B/L)
    • After breakfast, our action-packed trip will kick the final day of the tour off by boarding a boat and setting off onto the Ba Be lake. It’s up to you how to spend your time on the boat, whether it’s relaxing and enjoying the views or going for a swim in the cool waters to refresh yourself "kayaking and swimming are available". The views consist of stunning karst formations all around you are covered with patches of wild vegetation and a rich wildlife. After your exploration of the lake, you will have the chance to rest as we drive you back to Hanoi, taking in the beautiful scenery along the way. You will stop for lunch at a local restaurant on the way before arriving in Hanoi at about 17:30, when it’s time to say your goodbyes to your guide, drive.

      - A 2 hours boat tour
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days

Accommodation List
Please note that the hotels mentioned in this list are for reference only. Depending on availability and your preference, they can be changed. If we are unable to book any hotel, it will be replaced by another hotel at least of equivalent standard and value.
Mr Hung's Homestay
Address: Na Nghe Village, Boc Bo, Ba Be District, Bac Kan Province
On the remote village of Na Nghe. Mr Hung built his homestay based on the traditional stilts house of Dao ethnic minority.
Ba Be Jungle Houses
Address: Coc Toc village, Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province
A step up in amenities to Ba Be's homestays, this lakeside place in Coc Toc village takes the form of six small, spic-and-span, wood-panelled private rooms, and a dorm. Visitors are well looked after by friendly English-speaking staff.

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Very Good

Wrote a review 4 - 2023
Great mix of hiking and adventure with no crowds
Review of: Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights
My father and I had a wonderful experience in Ba Be, thanks to the very well planned and executed tour organised by Mr Linh's Adventures and led by our marvellous guide, Giang.

Helen was helpful during planning. We exchanged a few emails to determine what I was looking for and ultimately she suggested Ba Be for a mix of hiking, kayaking and caving. Her recommendation was spot on!

I was impressed in equal measure by (i) the locales we visited, (ii) the fo
...Read Moreod we enjoyed; and (iii) the way in which the tour was run. Though the tour is somewhat pricey by Vietnamese standards, the experiences it gives you are priceless.

Ba Be is wonderful and the itinerary takes you off the beaten path in a far more authentic way than I expected. There were no signposts during most of our hikes and the contours of the incredible Hua Ma Cave are known only to the villagers in the area. Many of the routes are unnavigable without a guide. While we met a few other visitors at the homestay, we encountered no other tourists while kayaking, hiking and caving. It was so peaceful!

The itinerary is perfectly paced. The first day entails the most hiking. The second day has some light hiking, but since you spend a few hours on a boat, you get a bit of a rest. The third day (the caving) is true adventure.

Over the course of 3 full days in Ba Be, we trekked through the jungle, passed several villages (and had a meal in a couple of them) and met the locals. At times (particularly in the Hua Ma Cave), we felt like intrepid explorers, exploring parts that (thanks to the low water levels in the cave that day) even the local guide hadn't seen before! Though we accomplished much, we never felt rushed and were assured that we could take our time enjoying the scenery and proceed at our own pace.

Owing to heavy rain, we weren't able to hike to Mr Hung's homestay. Instead, we spent 4 very comfortable nights at Mr Linh's homestay, which is actually run by Mr Linh's father. The staff treated us with great hospitality and the food and drink were both delicious and plentiful! We were also lucky enough to cross paths with and spend some time with Mr Linh himself, a warm, energetic and gregarious spirit.

Our guide, Giang, deserves special mention. Giang shepherded us throughout and went out of his way to make sure we were always well taken care of. He was solicitous of our needs but never intrusive; on the occasions where my dad retired early for the evening, Giang would invite me to join the staff table at dinner, where I was made to feel like part of the family.

Thank you Giang!

I would strongly recommend this trip to anyone who wants a great mix of hiking and adventure with no crowds in sight. Read Less
Date of experience: 4 2023

K Han
Wrote a review 11 - 2023
Explored a cave
Review of: Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights
The tour was well organised. My wife and I visited the Ba Be national park. There were some itinerary changes due to the weather but totally understandable. The cave exploration was exciting to say the least and it was an experience of a lifetime. Giang was a great tour guide. A few things I would suggest would be to give more information about the itinerary. We needed to trek about 3km to the cave entrance and it was more treacherous than the cave itself. It would be nice to have been t...Read Moreold so we would be a bit more prepared Read Less
Date of experience: 11 2023

Wrote a review 8 - 2023
Great experience in the jungle
Review of: Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights
We had a good travel guide with detailed knowledge of Vietnam (nickname Billy). Mr. Linh's Homestay is a good choice. Overnight, service, food - everything fits. The jungle tour is exhausting but very interesting, thanks also to the local guides. Afterwards, we could relaxe during the boat trip on the lake and along the river. We had a great time.
Date of experience: 8 2018
Mr Linh's Adventure
Dear Michael, great to hear from you so soon! Thank you very much for your review, we greatly appreciate it. You conquered the jungle in Ba Be congratulations! We are very glad to hear that you liked your time there and the company of the local people. We hope to see you again! Mr Linh's Adventures
Written 0/0/0

Sofia C
Wrote a review 12 - 2023
Ba Bei Cycling and Trekking AdventureTrip
Review of: Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights
We are a family of 5, 2 parents above 50 years old, a daughter aged 24 and 2 sons aged 12 and 16 from Singapore.

We booked a 4 day 3 night adventure trip to Ba Be with Mr Linh's Adventures and had a wonderful experience. From booking to the trip itself, Mr Linh's Adventures provided excellent services, accomodating to our needs and tweaking their standard iterinary to meet our requirements.

Our guide, Nha, was friendly, experienced and handled situat
...Read Moreions that cropped up with expertise and efficiency. When the cycling turned out to be too strenous, he arranged for bikes speedily for us to pillion ride part of the route, so we could still enjoy the beautiful terrain view in comfort.

On Day 2, my son had an unfortunate sprain while we were trekking up the hilly terrain. Again, Nha saved the day with his quick arrangement of a bike and a first aid kit.

Being animal lovers, we also had an unexpected pleasant surprise when Bu, the homestay's dog, went trekking with us for more than 8 hours on Day 2.

The beautiful terrain view, the cool weather and our friendly and experienced guide made the whole adventure an awesome experience for our family of 5.

Thank you,Nha and Mr Linh's Adventures. We will definitely recommend all nature and animal lovers to go on this adventure trip with Nha and Mr Linh's Adventures. Read Less
Date of experience: 12 2018
Mr Linh's Adventure
Thank you Sofia for your kind and detailed review. We’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed your time with us in Ba Be National Park. We’re also glad that you felt satisfied with Nha’s service, as he’s one of our best  I’m sure Bu misses you greatly and I hope we get to serve you again in the future! Sincere regards, Linh.
Written 0/0/0

Wrote a review 3 - 2023
Well planned and adventurous trek with minority group guide
Review of: Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights
We were extremely fortunate to be guided by Mr. Hung, a Dao village farmer who was charming, well informed and spoke good English. He led us up a steep hike to his remote village where we stayed overnight in his comfortable homestay. His family joined us for dinner that had good vegetarian and meat dishes. The following day we walked through more minority group villages to a waterfall then travelled by river boat into a large cave, then across Ba Be Lake to Mr. Linh's homestay. The s...Read Morecenery and variety of experience was everything we would wish for. This tour was more authentic then one would get around Sapa, and certainly much more peaceful. Mr. Linh's homestay on Ba Be Lake is in a perfect location and has very good facilities. The communication with the office in Hanoi, with Kevin was prompt and unambiguous. We would strongly recommend Mr. Linh's tours to anyone who seeks an adventure away from overcrowded destinations in Northern Vietnam. Read Less
Date of experience: 3 2018

Wrote a review 3 - 2023
Ba be 4 day jungle life tour
Review of: Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights
We did the the 4 day jungle life tour to get a feel for off the beaten track northern Vietnam. It was exceptional. Our tour guide Minh was excellent with the best English out of all tour guides I'd met in Vietnam so far. He felt like a friend of ours towards the end of the tour and it was sad to see him leave. But he knew equally when to back off and let us have our own time (my wife and I were on our honeymoon). Nguyen our driver was also nice and punctual throughout the whole tour....Read More Most significantly on the tour we decided on day 2 to change plans from staying outdoors in the jungle and asking for a homestay instead. Minh happily arranged this change for us with little stress. This really helped our experience. We also got to stay at the homestay of hung that night who was a superb host. If you do this tour I would highly recommend staying with hung for a night as it was the most hospitable part of our entire tour of Vietnam. Lots of happy water and food with his family and friends! The scenery in the park is absolutely stunning. I would put this above sapa because here you get terraced rice paddies but also some lakes and rivers and caves too, so much more scenery and breathtaking landscape to absorb. My wife also has allergies to gluten, garlic and onion which can be difficult when travelling but Minh helpfully went up to each chef in each restaurant and explained her conditions making each meal a success. I strongly recommend this tour to someone looking to sample rural northern Vietnam away from the crowds. We met only 1 other western tourist over the 4 days..... Read Less
Date of experience: 3 2018

Balázs P
Wrote a review 4 - 2023
Authentic trekking among the tribes without any other tourist.
Review of: Hang Tham Phay expedition tour & Jungle trekking 4 days 3 nights
We wanted something authentic, and something in the nature during our 2 weeks vietnamese trip. We booked than a 4 day-3 night trip with Mr. Linh. I picked them because the Ba Be national park website directed me to their site. Kevin was very eager and helpful during the booking through emails. We wanted Babe and not Sapa, which is infamously touristic. There were 5 of us, so it was a bit cheaper per person, but we have to admit that it was still very pricy (comparing to other local touri...Read Morestic activities), around 310 usd per person. BUT the program was kinda flexible, and we got a 12 seater van for 5 of us so it was kinda comfortable. The way to the north is really long, full of with serpentines, those who can get sick of it it is better to take some pills in advance. Driver was very fast, yes sometimes it looked dangerous, but very effective, and fast:D The trekking was the best part, our guide Lhoan told us many things among the tribes, and we can see them living in their villages. Our first homestay was excellent, the host family was very adorable. Good food, and strong rice wine:D Second homestay, the mr. Linh Homestay is the best, very well equipped. our third homestay was good too, with friendly host family. But unfortunately we had to ask for a normal hotel this time, because some of us had already been sick, caught cold, and the homestay had no heating. Inside temperature was 4 celsius. It is very important thta those who pick this trip have proper clothing against cold, and rain. It was unusal cold that time, 4-6celsius degrees during the morning. It was just something we would not expected. We have also watched Ben gioc waterfall, and Tiger cave. It 's all very beautiful, not so turistic, so you can have it for yourself, but we had to travel a lot .
Summing up: If you want some authentic experience far from the cities far from the other tourists, dont mind having to sleep in simple homestays, wish to travel a lot and hike a lot than this is for you! Read Less
Date of experience: 4 2023

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