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Vieng Xai Caves (Laos)


The Vieng Xai Caves, located in Hua Phanh Province in Laos, are an extensive network of limestone caves that served as a base for the Pathet Lao, the communist movement that took control of Laos during the Vietnam War. Today a popular tourist destination, Vieng Xai bears witness to the history of Pathet Lao and the Vietnam War, in a beautiful underground setting.

Caves of Vieng Xai

Vieng Xai’s “sheltered caves” are located in the midst of spectacular karst outcrops and offer a real opportunity to learn more about the painful history of northern Laos in the 20th century. We can make the rapprochement with the Cu Chi tunnels of Ho Chi Minh City.
A local guide unlocks each site, while an audio guide provides a wealth of first-hand information and historical context.
Good to know
  • Visits leave from the cave office at 9am and 1pm.
  • Admission: 60,000K with audio tour
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