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For an unforgettable family dining experience with traditional flavors, it's advisable to book in advance at the best restaurants in Laos. Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville, Phnom Penh and Bangkok are also must-visit destinations for food lovers.

Tasty temptation in the Mekong Region

In the heart of the Mekong region, a veritable explosion of flavors awaits adventurous gourmets. From Vietnam to Laos, via Cambodia and Thailand, the cuisine of this region abounds in culinary treasures.

In Vietnam, refined dishes are a virtuoso blend of Chinese and French influences. From crispy egg rolls to delicate pho soups, Vietnamese cuisine seduces with its freshness and balance of flavors. In both Hanoi and Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville, gourmet restaurants give pride of place to seafood and local vegetables.

Further west, Laos offers authentic, generous cuisine, sometimes with a Gallic accent. Glutinous rice, grilled meats and aromatic herbs dominate the plates. Laotian specialties such as larb (spicy meat salad) or tam mak hoong (spicy green papaya) delight the taste buds.

Cambodia, Laos's neighbor, offers a gastronomy full of subtlety. From amok (fish curry) to num banh chok (rice noodles), Cambodian dishes harmoniously blend sweet, salty and tangy flavors.

Last but not least, Thailand has established itself as a world culinary reference. From pad thaï (fried noodles) to colorful curries, Thai cuisine seduces with its perfect balance of tastes. Bangkok, but also Chiang Mai and Phuket, abound with exceptional restaurants.
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