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Street Food


Southeast Asia is a veritable paradise for street food lovers. From Vietnam to Cambodia, via Laos and Thailand, the streets are bursting with flavors and aromas to tantalize the taste buds.
Vietnamese cuisine : The basics

Street Food tasty Temptations

Discover the flavors of Southeast Asia through the street food of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
In Vietnam, street vendors abound with regional specialties such as bún chả (grilled pork with vermicelli) in Hanoi, bánh xeo (a crispy pancake with shrimp, chicken and vegetables) in Saigon and an almost endless array of seafood dishes in the coastal cities.
In Laos, don't miss tam mak hoong (spicy papaya salad), lahp meatballs and kôw soy noodle soups.
In Cambodia, street stalls offer delicious num banh chok (rice noodles with curry), chicken kebabs and, of course, the must-try Amok, a fish-based curry cooked in banana leaves...
In Thailand, street food is legendary - from pad thai (fried noodles) to spicy curries and mango smoothies.

Tasting these specialties at bustling stalls is an integral part of the Southeast Asian culinary experience. It's a tasty way to discover the local culture.
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