Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 4 days

This adventure trek takes you into the remote jungle on the western side of Ba Be National Park. You will trek into the thick jungle to discover the sheer, natural beauty of Ba Be National Park. Whilst exploring the park, you will be able to meet the local people living and farming here as you trek to some of the ethnic minority villages. The trip will be topped off with a boat trip and cave exploration. This action-packed trip is perfect for those with a keen sense of adventure and a good level of fitness.
Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days

Tour code: BBTT03T
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Level of difficulty: Medium trek
Activities: 30 – 35km trek
Percentage of trekking: Jungle 60%, trail 40%
Elevation: 150m – 600m
Small group tour: 12 people
Pick up: Your Hotel in Hanoi
Drop off: Your Hotel in Hanoi
Price: $275 / person


- Jungle trek inside Ba Be National Park and walk through river
- Explore the diverse and beautiful landscapes of Ba Be
- Cross Pelu Stream and navigate some steep terrain
- Visit some local family of H’Mong ethnic people
- Picnic lunch with traditional food is prepared by the local people
- Visit the stilt houses and school of the Dzao people
- Do the boat trip on Nang river
- Visit the legend An Ma temple in the middle of Ba Be Lake
- Discover a magnificent Puong Cave in Ba Be National Park system
- Swim in a pretty natural freshwater lake

  • Day 1: Hanoi - Ba Be National Park (L/D)
    • You will be collected from your hotel at 07:30 to start your discovery of Ba Be National Park. After 250km driving for feasting on some authentic Vietnamese food in a street restaurant you will continue your journey. You will voyage on the Nang River following it through the foothills of the towering limestone peaks. The journey down the river will bring you to the mouth of Puong Cave, a large cavern standing 30m high and 300m long. Puong cave sits at the base of the majestic Lung Nham Mountain, one in a chain of limestone mountains that spread across the sky and the river. The cave is not only impressive for its towering structure, but you will also the amazing colonies of bats living the cave with 18 different species currently inhabiting it and adventure 7 km trek on the trails of Ba Be's jungle. You will spend the first night relaxing in Mr Hung’s homestay, a Dzao's ethnic family.

      - A 7-10km trek in the jungle
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
  • Day 2: Jungle Trekking & Villages (B/L/D)
    • Today is the day to unleash your inner adventurer as you veer off the beaten path and into the mountains of North Vietnam. You will get away from the usual tourist destinations in favour of discovering the true, pure beauty of nature. As you trek further, the staggering mountains, winding rivers and mystical caves are all waiting to be explored. Along the way, you will meet the H’mong people as who will share their culture with you. You will also travel to the villages of Khau Qua and Nam Dai and meet the Dzao people and visit their beautifully crafted wooden houses nestled in the mountains and valleys. You will then venture to Coc Toc where you will experience the life of the Tay locals who reside in tall, wooden stilt houses. You will get a firsthand experience of sleeping in a stilt house as you stay overnight in Mr Linh’s homestay.

      - 12- 15km trek in the jungle
      - Hmong, and Zao ethnic minorities are the tribes in Ba Be National Park's jungle

      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
  • Day 3: Tham Phay Cave Expedition (B/L/D)
    • Breakfast at homestay then after a thirty-minute drive, you'll reach Tham Phay Cave, the hike starts with a steep uphill leading into the forest. Some rock at the top, and then a similar slope before the trail fades and you enter the valley. Turning west of the trail is a large patch of rock for you to find your way through, with the help and direction of your guide and safety team. The precarious entrance is at the end of the forest. Enjoy some snacks before starting to explore the cave.

      Tham Phay Cave is a beautiful river cave with two underground river tributaries, where you will experience narrow passages, craggy mountains and some deep pools with very nice photo opportunities. Plants and algae cover many calcite formations. Going deeper into the cave, you will find many unusual features of the cave such as the ceiling dome and many layers of rock, giving the walls a striking appearance. You will spend about five hours exploring this 5km deep river cave, which geologists have not discovered so far. Of course, we will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as helmets and powerful headlights. The cave expands considerably as you go through the original entrance and offers some great opportunities for excellent photos.

      Enjoy a few snacks before continuing the journey to explore the 2nd path of the cave system possesses miraculous stalagmites millions of years old, dangerous sinkholes and heat flows at the bottom .
      Leaving Tham Phay, you will return to the cave entrance and return to homestay.

      - A 6km trek, 5km expedition
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
  • Day 4: Ba Be Lake - Hanoi (B/L)
    • After breakfast we’ll kick the final day of the tour off by boarding a boat and setting off onto the Ba Be lake. It’s up to you how to spend your time on the boat, whether it’s relaxing and enjoying the views or going for a swim in the cool waters to refresh yourself "kayaking and swimming are available". The views consist of stunning karst formations all around you are covered with patches of wild vegetation and a rich wildlife. After your exploration of the lake, you will have the chance to rest as we drive you back to Hanoi, taking in the beautiful scenery along the way. You will stop for lunch at a local restaurant on the way before arriving in Hanoi at about 17:30, when it’s time to say your goodbyes to your guide, drive.

      - A 2 hours boat tour
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days
      Medium trek: Ba Be National Park trekking & Caving 3 days

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