A O | Vietnamese Culture Show

With more than 60 minutes A O Show, audiences are invited into a sophisticated, high level of visual and sound spectacle that linger unforgettable feeling.

Using only simple bamboo props, A O Show makes a rustic yet beautiful portrait, from fishing basket boats, bamboo bridge to hectic modern city. A mix of cirque nouveau, acrobatics and contemporary dance fascinates audiences, along with unique live music from folk instruments and beat box.

Toured the world since 2015, A O Show continues on its journey to spread Vietnamese culture to the world and “conquers” audiences across 4 continents, also art’s lovers in Vietnam.


01. Visit the historic site over 117 years old - Saigon Opera House where high-quality performances are performed regularly.
02. Enjoy the charming beauty and cultural richness of Vietnamese life in the countryside, in contrast with the nation’s racing urbanization.
03. Be invited to a visual spectacle of acrobatics, bamboo cirques and contemporary dance.
04. Be immersed in a vivid sound “party”, from gentleness of folk instruments to excitement that can not sit still when the beat box starts.
05. Toured the world since 2015, warmly welcomed by audiences across 4 continents, also art’s lovers in Vietnam.

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