10 contemporary art galleries in Hanoi

Hanoi has an exciting emerging creative community of artists and is gaining a reputation on the international art scene. Here are 10 of the best contemporary art galleries in Hanoi.
1. Manzi
One of the most renowned contemporary art galleries in Hanoi, Manzi is located inside an old colonial villa. While the exterior is all about past times, the interior is full of an eclectic range of art. As well as exhibitions, there are regular workshops, readings and live music performances.
This contemporary art gallery in Hanoi is all about video art. The experience here is an immersive one, mostly focusing on experimental documentaries and the works of local video artists. There is also a regular calendar of film screenings, workshops and discussion groups.
3. Institut Français de Hanoï
This might not be an obvious gallery space, but this art school is a centre of art, learning and creativity in Hanoi. Located in a stunning former printing house over five stories, the institute hosts a regular range of contemporary exhibitions, talks and music evenings.
Institut Français de Hanoï
4. Mai Gallery
This tiny boutique gallery in Hanoi’s French Quarter is a sweet place to explore. Specialising in the works of contemporary Vietnamese artists, this is the perfect place to find something truly original.
5. Nguyen Art Gallery
This prominent art gallery on Hanoi’s art scene carries works in a range of styles from a mixture of Vietnamese artists. With a number of contemporary works by Vietnamese creatives and great depictions of everyday life in Vietnam, this is a great place to visit. The gallery hosts regular launch party evenings too.
Nguyen Art Gallery
6. Dao Anh Khanh Studio
This large and original space is a café, garden and personal art studio of Dao Anh Khanh, one of the prominent figures in Vietnam’s contemporary art scene. See sculptures and performance art in one of the most authentic art experiences in Hanoi.
Dao Anh Khanh Studio
7. Green Palm Gallery
This gallery has two spaces in the heart of Hanoi and carries a mixture of fine art and contemporary art. Championing Vietnamese artists and culture, the gallery is a place to find some truly original pieces.
Green Palm Gallery
8. Vincom Center for Contemporary Art (VCCA)
Located in the Vincom Megamall shopping centre, VCCA is a spacious meeting place for artists and those interested in culture and creativity. With a rotating range of exhibitions and installations, this is a place to observe creativity and get involved in the Hanoi art scene.
Vincom Center for Contemporary Art
9. Work Room Four
This gallery and creative consultancy run by two Brits gives a view on the Hanoi contemporary art scene unlike any other gallery in the city. Visit Work Room Four for exhibitions, art classes and art tours of the city.
Work Room Four
10. Tadioto
This isn’t a formal art gallery, although many in Hanoi’s art scene consider it to be. More of a café and bar, Tadioto has an unusual curation of contemporary artworks adorning the walls. The space is owned by Nguyen Quy Duc, a driving force of the contemporary art scene in Hanoi.

For those who want to visit a contemporary art gallery in Hanoi, the city is thriving with options.
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