10 contemporary art galleries in Ho Chi Minh City

An increasingly popular hub for artists and art buffs, Ho Chi Minh City is a fantastic place for contemporary art fans. Here are our top ten contemporary art galleries perfect to explore there.
1. Ho Chi Minh City Museum of Fine Arts

One of the largest places in the city to view art, it’s easy to while away a few hours here. Featuring mostly contemporary art, this place has its finger well and truly on the pulse of the local art scene.

10 contemporary art galleries in Ho Chi Minh City
2. The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre

Another large arts space in a warehouse-style setting, huge contemporary art displays give visitors a little wow-factor here. There is also an interesting calendar of events just waiting to be explored.

The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre
3. Apricot Gallery

One of the biggest names in the art world in Vietnam thanks to its branch in Hanoi too, the Apricot Gallery in Ho Chi Minh City is found over an impressive five storeys. This is the place to view a wide ion of contemporary Vietnamese art.

Apricot Gallery

4. Lotus Gallery

This narrow gallery space makes an interactive artwork of its featured pieces by displaying them on sliding rollers. This has been a favourite on the Ho Chi Minh City art scene for almost 30 years, showcasing contemporary art by a range of Vietnam’s talented artists.

Lotus Gallery
5. Galerie Quynh

This contemporary art gallery is in a small but perfectly formed space in the city. This art spot is a particular specialist in paintings, sculpture and multimedia works by local artists.

Galerie Quynh
6. Saigon Outcast

Definitely one of the most popular contemporary art spaces in the city, Saigon Outcast has amazing graffiti on most surfaces. It’s also a place to go for drawing classes, film screenings or even just a drink in the beer garden.

Saigon Outcast
7. Salon Saigon

This intimate contemporary art space features a carefully curated array of art by local artists, and an invigorating calendar of talks and special events. It’s also a place where you can browse books while sipping tea.

Salon Saigon
8. Coeverything

More like a concept store than an art gallery, this is a space where different elements of Vietnam’s artistic flair come together. As well as modern artworks by Vietnamese artists, it’s a place to find locally-made stationery and a whole range of hand-made crafts.

9. Hey Camel Ceramics

A store rather than an art gallery, this is definitely a place worth visiting for contemporary art lovers in Ho Chi Minh City. An amazing collection of hand-made ceramics and canvas bags with witty designs can be found here – which make for perfect contemporary art souvenirs to take home.

Hey Camel Ceramics saigon
10. Artinus

This eccentric 3D art gallery might not be to the taste of serious contemporary art collectors, but for those looking for a different experience of art, this is the place to visit. Here visitors can immerse themselves so they actually become part of the art, making for some incredible photos to take home too.


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