4x4 in North-Vietnam: A Thrilling Off-road Adventure


Vietnam is on the top list when mentioning thrilling adventures - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures

Vietnam has always been on the top list when mentioning thrilling adventures. The reasons can be listed as this is a country of extraordinary beauty and diversity : the tremendously rich natural resources of Vietnam are towering mountains, lush jungles, some pristine beaches, and of course the bustling cities. From the adventurous features of landscapes in Vietnam, 4x4 adventures are flourishing day by day. This type of adventure tourism allows travelers to experience the beauty, culture, and lifestyle of the different locations on some unpaved roads and trails in a 4x4 vehicle. Traveling in different parts of Vietnam can create a breathtaking experience when it offers travelers access to various remote and unspoiled regions that are less known and inaccessible by regular car. The mountain passes lush jungles, picturesque villages, and many other scenery and words can not describe their beauty. Moreover, 4x4 adventure tour also allows travelers a chance to overcome some challenging passes in Vietnam, experience the local cuisine and customs, and lie down in the hands of the natural landscapes of Vietnam. The excitement not only comes from the natural beauty, it also comes from the thrilling experience during the trip, driving through challenging terrain, crossing rivers, and climbing mountains. It's a great way to recharge your adrenaline pumping and experience the thrill of adventure travel.

As we have mentioned above, this is a type of adventure tourism. Therefore, most 4x4 adventure locations are in remote areas of Vietnam such as Ha Giang Loop, Ban Gioc Waterfall, Central Highlands, and the Mekong Delta. Those places are famous for their natural beauty, and tourism development, but those places are hard to access as well. Traveling on a 4x4 trip here could be much more challenging. However, as tourism is flourishing in Vietnam, lots of roads have been opened to fit the demand for 4x4 adventure tourism. For instance, from Hanoi, you may take about 7-8 hours driving to get to Ha Giang Loop, and about 6-7 hours driving to get to Ban Gioc Waterfall.

Make sure you are well-prepared to prevent any risks on the road.

Get ready for adventure off the beaten track

Some tips can be listed: 

  • ♦ Choose a reputable tour operator. More and more companies are managing tour operators to offer 4x4 adventures in Vietnam. A good tour operator will be the “guidance book” for your trip. Make sure you find and utilize this book.
  • ♦ Be aware of the local traffic laws. The traffic laws in Vietnam can be different from the traffic laws in your home country. It is important to be aware of the local traffic laws before you start driving.
  • ♦ Be prepared for all types of weather. The weather in Vietnam can change quickly, so it is important to be prepared for all types of conditions. Raincoats, sunscreen, insect repellent, and warm clothes because the temperature in some remote areas is quite harsh.
  • ♦ Pack light. There are not many spaces for the unnecessary in the 4x4 vehicle, so pack light and bring only the essentials.
  • ♦ Drive carefully and defensively. The terrain can sometimes be quite challenging with steep hills, narrow roads, and rough terrain. Therefore, we recommend you hire an Vietnamese experienced driver to ensure the driving process will encounter as few problems as possible.

Do you know the Natural charm of Vietnam geoparks?


Escape off the beaten path in a 4x4 vehicule ! - Photo : Internet


So what can we as travelers experience during the trip? 

The famous Ha Giang Loop

When to loop?

The best time in the year to visit the Ha Giang Loop often ranges between spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). In these months, the weather are less harsh and easier to predict, so we can experience more on this trip. The mild weather, the cozy sunny, plus the little rain together can facilitate the  During this month, the weather is mild, with little rain. The winters can be cold and foggy, while the summers can be hot and humid.

What to do?

The Ha Giang Loop has always been known for its spectacular scenery and challenging terrains such as towering limestone peaks, terraced rice fields, lush jungles, the winding and steep roads. However, not only challenging, it is also home to a diverse ethnic minority group, and each of those group possess a different culture. Participating in a 4x4 adventure trip along the Ha Giang Loop will offer travelers the experience of the Ma Pi Leng Pass. It is located in the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The length of this pass is approximately 20 kilometers long and its height reaches an altitude of 1,500 meters. The road is narrow and winding, with sharp turns and descendants on both sides of the road can create a thrilling experience for travelers. After surpassing the Ma Pi Leng Pass, we recommend you travel to a Hmong village, they are the largest ethnic in Ha Giang Loop. Therefore, some must-do activities are:

  • ♦ Attend a Hmong market: The market is organized in the early morning. Waking up early and attending this market can be full of surprise activities. Locals Hmong in Ha Giang sold their products at low prices. Therefore, you can buy some souvenirs or taste some unique cuisine at a much more affordable price.
  • ♦ Attend a Dao festival: The Dao ethnic has a number of traditional festivals throughout the year. During those festivals, travelers have a chance to taste some cuisines such as Thang co, Banh cuon, Pho, Com lam, and many others… A small reminder is: that each minority will process the food in their unique way, therefore, the same dishes come from different ethnics can bring us different emotions. 


Making Incense Village in Cao Bang - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventuures

Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Waterfall

When to explore?

The best time to experience the natural landscapes of this place varies between the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). During these months, the weather is mild and sunny, with little rain. The comfortable weather will be a great component for the 4x4 adventure trip of anyone. Moreover, the cross between Cao Bang and Ha Giang, your adventure trip is much more flexible and you will have more chances to experience the adventurous as well.

What to do?

Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Waterfall however has lots of picturesque locations such as Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave, and Pac Bo Cave. Those places can bring travelers a relaxing experience after hours of driving. Ban Gioc oranges, Pac Bo persimmons, and Cao Bang bananas are some unique foods that travelers can taste besides the local dishes of the minority ethnic in Cao Bang. Moreover, during the trip, you can learn about the past war in Vietnam. The Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Waterfall route passes through a number of historical sites from the Vietnamese War. Travelers can learn about the war by visiting these sites and talking to locals who lived through it. 

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Written by Chu Hung, for Mr Linh's Adventures

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