Travelling from the UK to Vietnam: flights, tips + tours

Covering flight and visa advice, as well as how to fit in as much as possible into a trip, here’s a look at the best bits of travelling from the UK to Vietnam.

With direct flights available from London to Hanoi via Vietnam Airlines, plus a whole host of other airlines offering short connections when travelling between the UK and Vietnam, travelling here is easy. The flight time typically takes between 11 and 12 hours and it’s possible to avoid overnight flights if you prefer. Other airlines flying regularly between the UK and Vietnam include British Airways, Qatar Airways and Thai Airways.

Travelling from the UK to Vietnam

For British citizens staying in Vietnam for less than 15 days, a visa is not required. For those visiting Vietnam for between 15 and 30 days, a visa is required. There are a few ways to obtain a visa, but the best way is to organise it in advance of travelling. Applying online for an e-visa is the easiest method and this can be done up to six months before travel. Find the best up-to-date information about entry requirements to Vietnam on the website.

Travelling from the UK to Vietnam

British visitors love to visit Vietnam to experience as much as they possibly can of the country in two or three weeks. This makes Vietnam the perfect place to explore, as although the country is large, careful planning ensures visitors can experience a little bit of everything during a trip. From getting off-the-beaten-track in the mountains near Sapa, kayaking in lakes and doing water sports at the beach, to craft hunting in markets, street food tastings and home-stay experiences, Brits in Vietnam get stuck into a little bit of everything.

Travelling from the UK to Vietnam

Brits have gained quite a taste for Vietnamese cuisine over recent years, with pho bars and traditional Vietnamese restaurants popping up across Great Britain. London’s famous newspaper, The Evening Standard, even reported on a Vietnamese food boom in the city a couple of years ago – and this trend has gone from strength to strength ever since. Brits in Vietnam love to make the most of the food when visiting the country, whether it’s street food tours or traditional food cooked by ethnic tribes, to the high-end dining scene of Ho Chi Minh City.

Travelling from the UK to Vietnam

UK visitors to Vietnam also can’t get enough of being outdoors as much as possible, and enjoying a local beer while being outdoors is a match made in heaven. Whether it’s enjoying the beach bars of Nha Trang or sitting by city rivers watching traditional water puppet shows with a local beer in hand, this all signifies bliss to British visitors in Vietnam.

water puppet shows

Some of the most popular tours with UK travellers to Vietnam include:
•    Authentic Vietnam adventure, from cities to coast, over 21 days
•    Kayaking in Ba Be Lake over two days
•    Food and beer in Hanoi

From the UK to Vietnam, join us at Mr Linh’s Adventures for off-the-beaten-track and fun-filled adventures in Vietnam.
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