Why you should go on a guided tour of Vietnam

When looking at a Vietnam tour booking versus a self-guided trip, consider how much time you have, if you’d like to become immersed in local life, and whether you’d like to get off-the-beaten-track or go on the mainstream tourist trail.

vietnam tour booking

Travellers to Vietnam often wonder whether they should embark on a Vietnam tour booking or try to plan a self-guided journey in the country. While it’s more than possible to do either, many visitors such as these people on TripAdvisor find that booking a tour leads to better planned, more fulfilling experiences. Here’s why you should go on a guided tour of Vietnam.

Local knowledge and experiences
One of the benefits of choosing a Vietnam tour booking is the depth of local knowledge you’ll get in return – particularly if you make sure you book with a local and family-run company. Tour companies like this will have abundant links with local people and places not found on the usual tourist trails. As a result, it’s likely you’ll be able to meet lots of local people along the way, as well as benefit from the experiences of local tour guides.

Walking in the forest

With the links, contacts and networks local Vietnamese tour companies have, they’ll be able to take you further off-the-beaten-track than you’d be able to get on your own. Think homestays with local communities in the mountains, visits to peoples’ homes and artisan workshops, and jungle adventures in some of the most remote yet stunning regions.


Less planning, more travelling
It takes a lot of time and effort to properly plan any trip, particularly if you want to squeeze in as much as possible in your precious time away from home. Booking a guided trip with a trusted tour company will ultimately mean you can spend less time planning and more time travelling. Good tour providers will have numerous trips you can choose from, and the best ones only travel with small group numbers. If you have must-visit places you absolutely have to take in when visiting Vietnam, any good tour provider will be able to advise you on the best trip they have available to meet your needs, or they’ll be able to bolt on bespoke extras for you.

If you’re interested in making a Vietnam tour booking, explore some of the itineraries Mr Linh’s Adventures can deliver, or send your requirements and we’ll make a plan for you!
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