Ba Be National Park Trekking - Day Tour

Type of tour: Group
Tour code: VDT18E
Departure dates: Daily
Duration: Full-day

Detail itinerary:

Medium trek ~ 7-9km: Begin a beautiful journey in Ba Be National Park from Bo Lu village. A guided conversation on local wildlife and flowers will expand your awareness of the unique Ba Be ecosystem as you walk through the beautiful jungle. Reach Tham Khit pathways to an ancient cave - wandering around the lake to the panoramic views of the ranger station's animal observation huts. Continue your hike for another 2 kilometers to An Ma temple, a sacred Tay temple dedicated to mountain gods, lake gods, and feudal generals. Army food is provided!

* Extra trek ~ 10-12km: Continue boating to Coc Toc village. As you gain height, though, you will be rewarded for your efforts with spectacular views of the verdant rolling countryside. During the afternoon, your guide will take you through mountains, valleys and experience the life of the ethnic people.
Trekking in Ba Be National Park
1 day Trekking in Ba Be National Park

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