Ba Be National Park Trekking - Day Tour

Type of tour: Group
Tour code: VDT18E
Departure dates: Daily
Duration: Full-day


Optional trek routes:

* Easy trek ~ 10 -12 km: Bo Lu village - An Ma temple to the panorama view point of the animal observation huts ranger station - Tham Khit trails to ancient cave - strolling around the lake - lunch in local restaurant then to Ba Be lake.

* Medium trek ~ 12-15 km: Bo Lu - Coc Toc village then cross the Pe Lu Stream, before hitting some rough, steep terrain that will give you a little bit of a workout.  As you gain height, though, you will be rewarded for your efforts with spectacular views of the verdant rolling countryside. Pressing on to the uplands we will stop for a picnic lunch in a H'mong ethnic village, and your guide may introduce you to some of the local H’mong people. During the afternoon, your guide will take you through mountains and valleys. Return Ba Be lake in late afternoon.
* Hard trek ~ 15-17 km: To start, you will take a 1.5-hour boat ride across Ba Be Lake to Ta Ken waterfall. You will cross the Nang River and pass through some steep terrain with many cat ears cliffs. This forest is very dense and has many tall trees, but when you climb up, you will start to see beautiful views of the mountains. When going further to the highlands, you will stop at a village of the Hmong ethnic group and across the border in Tuyen Quang province. Continue trekking more than 4 km, you will have lunch at house of the Dao ethnic people. Then, your guide will take you through vast mountains and valleys to see the Dao houses and schools on stilts and along the trail to visit another Hmong ethnic village. Then you will return to the homestay where you began this morning.

Trekking in Ba Be National Park
1 day Trekking in Ba Be National Park

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