Canyoning in Datanla Falls Day Tour

Type of tour: Small Group Tour (from 2 to 10 pax)
Departure date: Everyday
Duration: 1 day 
Public Price USD: $85 per person


What is canyoning?  Canyoning is navigating your way through a canyon.  In this case, the canyon contains water and in some sections the topography requires ropes to navigate our way successfully.  Other sections can be hiked or swam through.

Pick-up from 8:30am at your hotel direction Datanla Falls! At the practice slope you’ll learn the basics of knot tying, harness wearing, hardware, and proper rappelling technique.  After the guides are satisfied that you’ve got it down, you’ll head down your first rappel!  It is an exciting 17-meter descent into water at the base of a waterfall. Then continue navigating your way down the canyon and enjoy the natural water slides as many times as you want. Keep hiking along the trail through rainforest and a couple of water crossing to the second rappel down a waterfall – a slightly more technical rappel 25-meter fall.

A short break at the top of this one to enjoy a picnic lunch and re-charge your energy before rappelling down this waterfall. After this there’s an opportunity to throw yourself 6 to 10 meters off the rock into a pool of water below. And finally the most difficult rappel, affectionately called ‘The Washing Machine’... Then a 20-minute hike up the hill to bring you out of the canyon and meet the vehicle to get back to your hotel mid-afternoon.

Activities: Canyoning and physical activities involving water
Meals: Picnic lunch.

Canyoning in Datanla Falls
Canyoning in Datanla Falls

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