Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days

The 8-day 4x4 Pickup Truck tour through the lovely areas of Vietnam's northern mountains is one of the best tours of Mr Linh’s Adventure. The tour is tailored to those who enjoy both powerful pickup trucks and tortuous off-road trails. Let's have a look at what's waiting for us.
Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days

Tour code: OFFR02
Duration: 8 days 7 nights
Route: Hanoi - Ta Xua - Sapa - Bac Ha - Ha Giang - Meo Vac - Ba Be
  • Day 1: Hanoi – Ta Xua Camping (B/L/D)
    • You will begin your adventure to discover one of Mr Linh's Adventure's most appealing pickup tours. You'll say your goodbyes to Hanoi and go to Ta Xua. To avoid traffic jams, you should choose tiny roads and dykes because you use 4x4 trucks.

      11:00 AM: You'll get the chance to drive along a Vietnamese-styled gravel road through the woods to Phu Yen town.

      12:00 AM: Arrive at Phu Yen Town for lunch, then rest to regain strength before conquering some new routes later in the afternoon.

      15:00 PM: Your pickup trucks will begin the journey to the top of Ta Xua on a tough, narrow road.

      16:00 PM: Immediately after arriving at Ta Xua Pinnacle, you can go cloud hunting and shoot as many good photos as you want. Following that, the group will travel to Dinosaur Back Living, a well-known cloud-hunting spot in Vietnam's northwest.

      17:00 PM: Arrive at the campsite, where the driver and guide will cook a delectable meal for you. You can also help to prepare dinner so you can enjoy the dishes you cooked by yourself.
      Ta Xua Pinnacle
      Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days
  • Day 2: Ta Xua – Ngoc Chien Hot Spring (B/L/D)
    • 5:00 AM.: Enjoy a cup of morning coffee or ginger tea when you wake up. Then you can spend more time in the morning admiring the beauty of the clouds from Ta Xua. This is why so many visitors come here.

      6:30 AM.: Delicious and nutritious hot foods are served for breakfast.

      7:30 AM: Let's gather your belongings and continue on the journey. You'll join a scary 80-kilometer off-road with only one way in and out as soon as you leave Bac Yen town.

      This path will take you through the wild and breathtaking scenery of the primitive forest and romantic streams.

      12:30 AM: Lunch and snacks will be served.

      17:00 PM: You exit the off-road track and make your way to Ngoc Chien Hot Spring.

      18:00 PM: The best method to re-energize after a long day is to soak in natural hot water.

      19:00 PM: It's time for a BBQ party to enjoy.
      Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days
      Bac Yen town
  • Day 3: Ngoc Chien Hot Spring – Sapa (B/L/D)
    • Morning: Nothing is better than relaxing in a hot bath and enjoying a breath of fresh air in the morning. Preparing yourself for the trip today since it will not be simple.

      Breakfast can be memorable with typical Northwestern delicacies like sticky rice, smoked sausage, and so forth. Then we'll bid Ngoc Chien farewell and leave for Sa Pa.

      The stunning beauty of Mu Cang Chai terraced fields, as well as the grandeur of mountain ranges, will be seen along the trip. You can eat lunch while admiring the beautiful scenery.

      Moving from Ngoc Chien to Sapa gives us the ideal opportunity to see spectacular sights like Bac Waterfall, the Heaven Gate, and Cat Cat Village.

      Of all, if you're seeking adventure, we can’t neglect O Quy Ho Pass, which is one of the four major passes in the North. In the eyes of adventure seekers, the pass's length and danger make it tempting.

      You are free to walk and discover Sapa's romantic splendour at night.
      Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days
      Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days
  • Day 4: Sapa – Y Ty – Bac Ha (B/L/D)
    • Y Ty is the first stop on the day's itinerary. This means you'll have to drive 80 kilometers along a scenic but dangerous road. This is due to the fact that the route is distant and frequently obscured by clouds.

      The challenge becomes even more difficult during the wet season, as we must travel over some treacherous rapids.

      When you get from Y Ty to Bac Ha, the true challenge begins. You'll be driving your 4x4 trucks on narrow, hilly routes. The abrupt turns are also challenging to handle.

      However, you will get the remarkable opportunity to see vast and beautiful terraced fields. Milestone 92, where the Red River flows into Vietnam, is another noteworthy location. This river gave birth to a civilization that has become our country.

      Then you'll go to Lao Cai City, check-in at the Ha Khau border gate, and pay a visit to the surrounding sacred temple. Bac Ha is not far away from here.
      Y Ty
      Y TySelf-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days
  • Day 5: Bac Ha – Ha Giang (B/L/D)
    • Day 5 of this 4x4 pickup truck adventure is definitely fantastic. As you go from Bac Ha to Ha Giang, you will come across the Hoang Su Phi terraced field, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

      Another feature that distinguishes the fifth day is the threat it poses. On your trip to the mountain heights, you'll have to take tortuous off-road tracks.

      You can travel from Bac Ha to Ha Giang on an old 153 road to Coc Pai Town in Xin Man, which has the highest market in Ha Giang. A 40-kilometre off-road route with numerous hazards is another option.

      Before continuing on Highway 2 to Ha Giang, you'll stop for lunch in Vinh Quang. The journey will be worthwhile once you see the vast fields of buckwheat flowers.

      Ma Pi Leng Pass, Chieu Lau Thi Peak, and Tay Con Linh Peak, in particular, are destinations that contribute to the country's fame. To summarize, if you want to have a worthwhile trip, you must visit Ha Giang.
      Hoang Su Phi
      Hoang Su Phi
  • Day 6: Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac (B/L/D)
    • 7:00 AM: You'll get up and have a cup of coffee next to the Lo River. Then there's a tasty breakfast to get you ready for the day's adventure.

      8:00 AM: Our group departs, embarking on a journey to discover the Dong Van - Meo Vac Plateau, one of Vietnam's most recognized sights.

      Today The rugged Bac Sum Slope will be the first stop on your 4x4 pickup truck journey. Before arriving in Yen Minh, you will stop for sightseeing at Quan Ba Heaven Gate and Quan Ba Mountain.

      You will drive to Lung Tam, a village known for its flax weaving, where you can purchase a little brocade gift crafted by the competent hands of the H' mong ethnic people.

      9:30 AM: You start conquering one of Ha Giang's renowned routes and admiring the area's gorgeous sights:

      - Lim Mong Valley: Here you can take unforgettable photographs with a breathtaking background.

      - Ha Giang's Nine-turn Pass is a spectacular but treacherous pass.

      - Fox Town Valley: check-in and take photos of the valley with its beautiful Buckwheat flowers.

      - Lung Cam Cultural Village, preserves many of the H'Mong people's unique cultures. You can also go to Pao's residence, which was used to film the famous film "Story of Pao."

      10:30 AM: You will drive to Lung Cu to see the flagpole in the country's far north.

      12:00 AM: Visit a local restaurant for lunch.

      13:30 PM: The group continues on their journey to the Vuong Family and Cat King's palaces.

      14:30 PM: Arrive in Dong Van town; have a stroll around the old town before continuing on to Happiness Road.

      15:00 PM: Check-in at Ma Pi Leng Pass and see the beautiful Nho Que River from above.

      The group will have unique check-in photos with the Nho Que river and Tu San alley here as you continue your adventure with the experience of sailing on the Nho Que river.

      Tu San is the most outstanding beauty spot in the Dong Van rocky plateau, with cliffs reaching 700–800 meters in height, a length of up to 1.7 kilometres, and a depth of 700–900 meters.

      17:30 PM: Check-in at the hotel located at the base of Ma Pi Leng Pass.
      Dong Van
      Ma Pi Leng Pass
  • Day 7: Meo Vac – Ba Be National Park (B/L/D)
    • Even though you've been on your 4x4 pickup truck tour for seven days, there's still a lot to explore.

      7:00 AM: wake up and eat breakfast in the middle of a lush forest.

      7:30 AM: You depart for Bao Lac and Ba Be National Park.

      8:30 AM: Upon arrival in Bao Lac town, you visit the market and pose for photos with Lo-Lo girls dressed in stunning extravagant attire.

      Before reaching the off-road area, continue to drive slowly for another 20 kilometres.

      Crossing two major creeks on the off-road track is an unforgettable experience, and the route is fairly challenging to drive. This will be a place to test your spirit, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful landscape and very kind local residents.

      12:30 AM: Arrive in Cho Gia town for lunch.

      13:30 PM: Continue the journey towards Ba Be Lake

      14:30 PM: The group reaches Pac Ngoi village, a Tay community near Ba Be Lake. The group disembarks here to explore Ba Be Lake and the Dau Dang Waterfall. Because of their magnificence, these destinations will immediately take you by surprise.
      Lo-Lo girls
      Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days
  • Day 8: Ba Be – Hanoi (B/L/D)
    • You can go kayaking in Ba Be Lake before returning to Hanoi. You won't want to miss this opportunity. You should return to Hanoi before rush hour if possible. Your incredible 4x4 pickup truck adventure has come to a close.
      Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days
      Self-Drive Vietnam 4x4 Tour from Hanoi to North Vietnam - 8 Days

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