Best things to see on Quan Lan Island

Quan Lan Island is located within the area of Bai Tu Long Bay, stretching on a total area of 15km². The island has a very long and narrow shape, it runs for 20km and the narrowest point is only 100m wide.

The island lies on a very important marine gateway connecting Vietnam and other countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, and The Philippines. Spreading along the coast of the island are numerous white sand beaches and this is also the sea where fishermen get high quality seafood such as squids, butterfish, mackerel, prawn, sea cucumber, etc.

The island is easily accessible from the highway from Hanoi, or by plane with the opening of the airport of Van Don. The drive by boat takes 45min to reach the island, if you come by plane you need to count an extra 20min between the airport and the port.

From its rich history to her isolated position today, here are the best things to see on this enchanting island.

1/ Nature
The island is part of the Bai Tu Long National Park which was instituted in 2001 due to its great natural value. It was recognised as an ASEAN – The Association of Southeast Asian Nations – in 2017.
Quan Lan is famous for its unspoiled natural scenery, Casuarina trees growing on white sand dunes and its wild fauna. It is a great place for bird lovers and you can even catch a glimpse to monkeys flying from tree to tree.

2/ Beautiful beaches
There are many different white sand beaches along the West coast of the island, from Minh Chau to Son Hao and Quan Lan. These three beaches are the most famous ones on the island, but you can find many coves in between, almost inhabited where you will find yourself isolated from the rest of the world.
This island remains untouched by mass tourism, you can enjoy a truly relaxing time and get to know the locals always eager to share the history of Quan Lan.

3/ History and culture
Quan Lann has been an island well known for not only its outstanding natural scenery but also for its rich cultural and historical heritage.
During the 11th century, King Ly Anh Tong established Van Don as the first foreign trading port in Vietnam. A lot of vestiges related to trading activities have been discovered here.

5/ Pham Temple
This temple was built by the local people living on the floating village in 1288, during the Tran Dynasty. It was ordered to honour the memories of three men from the Pham family, who gave their lives defending the Bay from the Chinese attacks.
Their bravery is an example for the local communities as the legend tells that they sank over 500 Chinese war boats entering the Vietnamese waters through the Bai Tu Long Bay.
The locals cherish their memory and the government decided to build a temple to worship the courage of these men.

6/ Delicious food and always fresh
The main specialty on Quan Lan Island is the delicious and famous seafood, always fresh and so tasty. Count between 10 USD to 25 USD for a real feast!

7/Riding a bike or using an electric car
The best way to travel through the island is by bike or electric cars. Bikes are available for rent in every hotel on the island for a very cheap price.
Electric cars are easy to get in in between beaches, the drivers know their way around and it is the easiest mind free option. It will cost you 15USD per person for one hour with a driver; maximum capacity of 12 people in one car.

We recommend booking your trip in advance, especially during high season. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information…
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