10 Reasons Why Travelling With Mr Linh’s Adventures Is The Smartest Choice

You are looking for a local tour operator for your upcoming trip to South-East Asia but are lost in the sea of choices? Let’s first say that going local is already a great idea. Now how to trust someone you cannot meet in advance? Since we hope to catch your attention and show you the best of our region of the globe, here is an introduction to our company’s philosophy. Happy reading!

1. Always put safety in the service first! Always be prepared and well-informed about each accommodation, restaurant and nearby medical center
Mr Linh’s Adventures is obsessed with the quality of service. The company members survey the quality of each accommodation every year, from the smallest homestay in ethnic minority villages to 5-star hotels and high-class resorts. The data is then gathered into a report with the most realistic opinion and pictures of each place.
In addition, we take good care and entertain close relationships with the local communities as well as with the medical centers in every remote destination, to ensure that your trip is always as safe as can be.

Mr Linh's Homestay in Coc Toc village, Ba Be National Park

2. Each tour itinerary is designed with the utmost care to suit the customer’s schedule and the places visited
Each program presented by Mr Linh’s Adventures is carefully and methodically designed with destinations specially ed by a professional and knowledgeable team. Besides, each tour program is always meticulously prepared to allow the traveler to have as much time as possible to enjoy in each visit. For example, when it comes to the Ban Gioc waterfall tour – our company’s beloved key product – we always know which time of the year the waterfall is in the best state, with the most water, and more specifically, the best part of the day to enjoy it at its fullest.

Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang Province

3. Always offer the best price with high quality services hardly seen elsewhere
When it comes to our key destinations we are confident our company offers high quality products at the most competitive price. Mr Linh’s Adventures covers all the necessary basic services with a private car service, motor boats, luxury accommodation contracts, a team of professional guides as well as a skilled staff, we do not need to use intermediaries which allows more control over both the price of our key products and the quality of the services provided.

Massage seance near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

4. Explore new trails and discover new activities in well-known destinations
With the help of an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced team, the tour operators are not just simple tour designers but also seasonal tour guides when the time comes, who know well about their country and adapt the program regularly based on their experience. Hence this first-hand knowledge helps providing customers with the best experience during their trip.
We are also constantly making efforts to develop programs that reduce the amount of time spent on the car, while ensuring that the list of destinations as well as the amount of time for each visit remain unchanged. All this coupled with the discovery of new routes which offer a nice panorama and are convenient for the trip.

Ha Giang Province and its less popular trails

5. As locals we deeply understand every aspect of each destination, its inhabitants and the value that customers bring to us
Our team is made up of local people who understand very well each destination, the culture and customs of the communities. We are confident we know the locations that should not be missed on this S-shaped strip of land, which stories and value each place bear that are relevant and informative for everyone. For us, this is our way to preserve Vietnam's cultural identity from being eroded by propagating, and spreading cultural awareness for every tourist who comes here.

H'Mong ethnic minority group in Dong Van market

6. Mr Linh’s Adventures not only design tours for foreign nationals but for Vietnamese citizens too, giving them the opportunity to learn and exchange about another culture
Considering every guest coming to our company, as a distinguished guest. Mr Linh’s Adventures always strives to develop tours that are not just the international market but also for the domestic market, providing tour guides proficient in both English and Vietnamese languages. This is also a good opportunity for domestic and international visitors to have the opportunity to meet, discuss each other’s culture and learn from each other.

Cultural exchange in Ha Giang

7. 100% of our tour guides are knowledgeable, well-trained with proper manner and fluent in both English and Vietnamese
At Mr Linh’s Adventures, every tour guide is carefully ed with certain qualities and skills. In addition to being able to speak English and Vietnamese fluently, provide a professional service and especially, an in-depth understanding of the different places across the country; they are also very well-trained in manners and propriety, and are always ready when you need help or have queries.

A group of Australian travellers with their dynamic tour guides

8. 10 years of experience in the profession and an excellent reputation
With more than 10 years of experience in organizing tours in the travel industry, we, at Mr Linh’s Adventures, confidently affirms that we will bring you unique and unforgettable encounters when you travel with us. Experience the life of the local people in the most authentic way.

Mr Linh's Adventures team & family on a company trip in Ha Giang

9. Committed to excellence, 100% refund if the tour is unsatisfactory
Strong of many years of experience in the tourism industry with a large range of accommodations of all types, we are committed not to provide poor quality services and 100% refund if the tour does not meet the initial request.

Wake up your senses in Ba Be National Park

10. Always ready to fulfill customers’ wishes
Understanding customers’ needs and meet specific criteria during the trip is our greatest challenge. Mr Linh’s Adventures is always ready to answer any question and especially, always ready to answer to all requests from customers.

A group of tourists having a blast

We are here to listen and strive to develop ourselves into bringing you the best experience. So waste no more time, contact us and… Have a nice trip!
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