10 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam after The Covid-19 Pandemic

Vietnam's tourism is heating up again and searches for "Vietnam tourism" have increased significantly on Google Search after The Covid-19 Pandemic. Let's discover the top 10 best places to visit in Vietnam with us !

Vietnam is becoming one of the top destinations in the world thanks to its wonderful natural beauty. The beauty of Vietnam can be said to be endless, from the verdant rice fields and terraces in the North to the bustle of the Mekong Delta in the South. The scenic spots in Vietnam are not only the pride of the people in the country, but also impress many tourists from all over the world. Tourists come here not only to admire the majestic beauty, but hidden deep in it is the peaceful and traditional culture of an Asian country. Below are the top 10 best places that you should not ignore when coming to Vietnam.
Fansipan mountain is a part of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, about 9 km to the southwest with the town of Sapa. With a height of 3.143 metres, Fansipan is the highest mountain and considered “ Indochina’s roof ''. If you love adventure, Fansipan is a favorite destination for mountain climbing that can not be ignored. The feeling of conquering and discovering Hoang Lien old forest always brings interest to visitors. When coming to Fansipan mountain, you will admire the floating ocean of clouds giving you the feeling of looking like a fairyland. Besides, you will have experience of spiritual tourism at Trinh pagoda and admire the giant Buddha statues. However, you should bring warm clothes and equipment which can keep warm because the temperature will decrease as you go up the mountain.
Fansipan Mountain
Fansipan Mountain - Source: Vi vu những nẻo đường

It’s almost covered by rocks, Dong Văn Karst Plateau Geopark will be an ideal destination for adventure lovers. Located at an average altitude of 1000 - 1600m above sea level, Dong Van rock plateau spreads through 4 districts of Ha Giang province: Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Meo Vac and Dong Van. This is also one of the special limestone areas, containing typical imprints of the history of the development of the Earth's crust. Wandering on the roads of Dong Van Karst Plateau, visitors will be amazed at the beautiful scenery of the sea of clouds on Quan Ba Heaven Gate, the zigzag Bac Sum slope, the field of buckwheat flowers and the Lung Cu flagpole.

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark
Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark - Source: Ha Giang Province

Ban Gioc Waterfall is one of the 4 largest cross-border waterfalls of the world and the largest waterfall in Vietnam. It is a typical iconic tourist destination of Cao Bang province. The beauty of Ban Gioc Waterfall is always intertwined between the majestic and the fierce with the sweet dream. Thanks to that beauty, Ban Gioc waterfall became a destination attracting millions of tourists each year before the epidemic

Ban Gioc Waterfall
Ban Gioc Waterfall - Hằng Bắp

Hanoi 36 streets, heart of city, soul of Hanoian are all the words that you can call Hanoi Old Quarter. Not only the central area of Hanoi capital, Hanoi but also a place to keep traces of the ups and downs of time. There, the ancient houses, streets bearing historical memories, or Hanoi's culture are preserved and handed down from thousands of generations to each house. Most of the streets are named after craft villages formed in the past, with the word "Hang" in front such as: Hang Dao, Hang Bong, Hang Gai, etc. However, today, it has only a few streets which can keep their crafts. Each craft street here has its own unique features, giving different impressions and feelings. Visiting the old town, you will partly imagine the social, cultural and economic picture of the people of Thang Long from thousands of years ago. Over the years, Hanoi Old Quarter may have been changed, but this place is still a top tourist attraction to experience the remains of an old Hanoi.
Hanoi Old Quarter
Hanoi Old Quarter - Source: Guide Vietnam

HALONG BAY (Quang Ninh Province)
Recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage and because of its unique natural scenery in the midst of the immense sea, Ha Long Bay has thus become a beautiful sightseeing destination that appears continuously on newspapers and social networking sites. When coming to HaLong Bay, you can admire the huge rocks with various shapes in the middle of the sea or immerse yourself in the clear blue water on the white sand beaches. HaLong Bay is one of the best place you should not to miss when coming to Vietnam

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay - Source: Quang Ninh Journal
HOI AN ANCIENT TOWN (Quang Nam Province)

Hoi An ancient town is the most tranquil city in Vietnam which attracts a ton of tourists from around the world each year. Recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 1999, it is one of the best places that should not be ignored. Hoi An is a warren of ancient temples, houses and shops built around several canals. The architecture in Hoi An is characterized by a harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese culture. Visiting this ancient town, you can enjoy the peaceful countryside which is famous for its crafts such as carpentry, bronze casting, ceramics… Gentle pedestrian bridges allow you to stroll hand-in-hand, with hundreds of multicolored lanterns above you swaying in the coastal breeze. Sitting on a small boat to explore the streets and craft villages along both sides of Hoai River is an interesting experience for couples when visiting the town. In addition, you will have a chance to experience many kinds of signature street food such as sandwiches, noodles, or sticky rice with chicken, etc. As voted by Global Cable News Network (CNN), Hoi An maintains its position as one of the most romantic tourist destinations in the world.
Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An Ancient Town - Source: Huy Dat

As Central Vietnam continues to receive a large influx of domestic and foreign tourists every year, Ba Na Hills has gradually become one of the most exciting tourist destinations in this economically growing region. Widely known as the “Da Lat of Central Vietnam,” Ba Na Hills has a glamorous and dreamy beauty and cool climate all year. So that you can enjoy 4 seasons of the year in one day here : spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter in the evening. Therefore, tourists can travel to Ba Na Hills at any time of the year. Recently, the Golden Bridge is a destination at Ba Na which attracts many visitors with an amazing structure of the giant stone hands lifting the bridge. Standing on the bridge, you can enjoy the exotic nature and take wonderful photos. Besides the Golden Bridge, you can also visit many other interesting destinations in Ba Na hill such as Debay Wine Cellar, Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden, Fantasy Park or French Village,...
Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills
Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills - Source : Lê Minh Sơn

Ho Chi Minh City, previously named Saigon, is one of Asia's most dynamic and rapidly developing cities. As a cosmopolitan metropolis, it has a lively cityscape that draws together old and new Vietnam in the most compact of spaces, representing the city’s past as well as its future. Despite its historic and cultural significance, Ho Chi Minh City is also one of the most dynamic spots in Vietnam. The modern buildings and exciting nightlife are the best proof of that. The food here is very abundant, from regional dishes to famous international dishes. You can happily spend your days eating out around Ho Chi Minh City, or join a food tour.
Ho Chi Minh City at night
Ho Chi Minh City at night - Source: Marcus Nguyen

Cai Rang Floating Market is one of the three biggest floating markets in Can Tho in general and in the Mekong Delta in particular. This is also the typical, bustling, and most famous market for the culture that nowhere else in Vietnam has. Cai Rang Floating Market will bring you unique experiences such as admiring the poetic scenery of the floating market at dawn, sitting on a boat, immersing in the busy atmosphere of buying and selling goods in the early morning. The shops and stalls at the market are boats of different sizes. The waterway becomes a maze of hundreds of boats packed with mango, bananas, papaya, pineapple, and even smuggled goods like cigarettes. You will never forget the feeling of enjoying a bowl of Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup right on the boat. It will definitely be a great experience.
The boats full of goods on Cai Rang Floating Market
The boats full of goods on Cai Rang Floating Market - Source: Trần Minh Lương
PHU QUOC ISLAND (Kien Giang Province)

Phu Quoc, also known as the “Pearl Island”, is the largest island in Vietnam. Located 45 km West of Ha Tien in the far south of Vietnam, Phu Quoc Island is an ideal holiday destination for tourists who are looking to escape bustling city life because of many idyllic beaches, romantic sunsets, evergreen forests, and a serene atmosphere. There are  plenty of luxurious resorts, funky bars, and quaint cafes along the southern coastline, that's why Phu Quoc has long been famous for resort tourism. Besides, Phu Quoc has many beautiful beaches stretching from the north to the south such as Rach Vem, Bai Thom, Hon Mong Tay, Hon Gam Ghi or Hon May Rut,... which are ideal places for activities to explore nature like yachting, fishing, diving to see corals and discovering interesting deserted islands...In recent years, Phu Quoc has developed rapidly. Notably, it has large entertainment centers such as Phu Quoc Vinpearl Safari (the first semi-wild zoo in Vietnam), and Vinpearl Land entertainment park that attracts many visitors.
Hon Thom - Phu Quoc Island
Hon Thom - Phu Quoc Island - Source : Vnexpress

Above are ten suggestions for your destinations when coming to Vietnam. Stay in touch with Mr Linh’s Adventures for more guidance to other attractive places.
Written by Ha Tran and Hao Pham, Assistant Manager for Mr Linh’s Adventures
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