Ba Be Jungle Houses

Bye Bye Mr Linh’s Homestay ! Hello Ba Be Jungle Houses !

Our most regular guests know this site as Mr Lin's Homestay, a classic rustic but comfortable hotel overlooking Ba Be Lake.
Here's the story...
Ba Be Jungle Houses

Ba Be Jungle Houses, in Ba Be National Park - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures


Mr Linh’s Homestay, flashback

Mr Linh was born on a cool, misty November morning in the shade of a tea bush, eager to face the world. He grew up in Phu Tho Province's rice fields, mowing grass for his grandfather's buffalo and laboring in the paddy fields. Linh's interest in the wide world developed as he grew older, with the wish to become a tour guide. He had a dream of meeting people from all over the world and introducing them to the amazing landscapes and cultures of his motherland. When he was 19, he took his first steps toward his goals by journeying to Hanoi to study tourism at a university and learn English. Working as a constructor and welder, as well as at local restaurants, Linh put in a lot of effort to pay for his education. Those experiences gave him great expertise when it came to setting up his homestay.
Linh chose to move away from the bustling city during heis undergraduate studies to get closer to the exquisite shores of Ba Be Lake. Here is where his fate will be decided, guided by two ghosts.

Ba Be Jungle Houses
Ba Be Jungle Houses - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

Ba Be Lake and Ba Be Park was the first spirit who grabbed his imagination, while the second took the line of  beautiful woman Tay, a Jade Fairy who captured his heart.
He knew then that he would devote his life to this woman and construct a home and a future for them in Ba Be. Linh began planning his dream venture, requesting official permission to start a tourism business in Ba Be National Park, inspired by love and devotion for his new home and wife. His ambition was to create a tourism organization that would not only share the beauty of Ba Be with the rest of the world, but would also benefit the local populations.
So, with the assistance of the local community, he proceeded to plan his homestay, selecting the ideal location, hidden peacefully between the mountains and lakeshore of Ba Be National Park, surrounded by the beautiful sounds of nature. Understanding the importance of building a welcoming place respectful of traditions while offering a high quality accommodation has its hosts, he chose the perfect design, inspired by the traditional wooden stilt houses of the Tay ethnic group.

Ba Be Jungle Houses
Discovering the Tay's culture at Ba Be Jungle Houses - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures
Linh needed to put together the appropriate team of locals to assist him expand his business now that his dream homestay was complete. Linh values the concept of family, which extends beyond blood ties to include all people who treat him as a brother, son, and friend. Linh had envisioned a close-knit, family-like crew for his lodge. He was pleased to know that his guests would be accepted into the family, and he enjoyed knowing that by growing his business, he was assisting locals in constructing a brighter future for themselves.
Then time passed… It was soon time to see the project grow... It took the name of Ba Be Jungle Houses.
Ba Be Jungle Houses

Ba Be Jungle Houses - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

Ba Be Jungle Houses is born !

Ba Be Jungle Houses is the ideal alternative for guests looking for a blend of charm and a convenient location from which to explore the surrounds. It is close to the river, close to the people, far from the national highway, convenient to advance, convenient to retreat. This Jungle Resort is a combination of 5 different ethnic cultural influences and is ideal for individuals looking for a place to relax.

Ba Be Jungle Houses is born
Ba Be Jungle Houses is at the heart of Ba Be National Park - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

Ba Be Jungle Houses, the accommodations

Ba Be is localy known as the " Untamed home of ethnic minorities” and in fact, the design of the accommodation draws on the 5 ethnic cultures present on the site of Ba Be: Kinh, Tay, Dao, H'mong and Muong. Here, comfort meets nature !
Make your choice
- Pig homes, From Royal Double (Private bathroom), Deluxe Room with shared toilets, to Family Room with balcony, choose your accommodation and facilities based on your need.
- Tiger houses, created in an open-concept living area, with huge windows and loads of in-room facilities
- Monkey houses, for people looking for a simple and comfortable authentic stay
- The lounge, precisely the place to chill at homestay when things are chaotic outside
- The infinity pool for complete absorption in nature
- The garden and outdoor kitchen depict the distinct Tay people atmosphere.
Ba Be Jungle Houses

Jungle Houses Rooms - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

Where to find Jungle Houses

Jungle Houses is conveniently located in the middle of Ba Be National Park, a hidden jewel of North Vietnam, surrounded by 5 ethnic villages.
This remarkable Homestay may be found on a map in the village of Coc Toc, commune of Nam Mau, district of Ba Be district, province of Bac Kan - Vietnam.

Ba Be Jungle Houses

How to get there from Ha Noi

Mr Linh's Adventures can arrange private car transports from Hanoi to Ba Be (mornings and afternoons) beginning at US $110 for a 7-seat car (one way, 4-hour trip). Please contact them by phone at (+84) 98 6016 068 or (+84) 989 587 400.
Ba Be Jungle Houses

Ba Be Jungle Houses Activities - Photo : Mr Linh's adventures

What to do & What to see in Ba Be National Park

Get adventurous! Ba Be Jungle Houses is the ideal option for visitors looking for secret hideaways. The Homestay provides the occasion for several activities in the center of lush vegetation interspersed with karst cliffs:
- Trekking is the greatest method to see the magnificent natural diversity of Ba Be National Park and meet the locals.
- Kayaking is probably the best way to discover the breathtaking beauty of Ba Be Lake and its wildlife.
- Cycling, for those who want to stay on the ground and ride around the lake's banks or descend into the dense jungle.
- Caving, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy unique encounters in an underground environment that few travelers have explored.
- Visit the spectacular Ban Gioc Waterfall on the border of Vietnam and China. - Cooking local cuisine, an experience that foodies would gladly share with all other travelers!

Ba Be Jungle Houses

Book your room at Ba Be Jungle Houses

The site is popular among vacationers and is represented by and You can also book online by visiting the Ba Be Jungle Houses website.
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