Off-the-beaten-path Trekking in Vietnam: Cao Bang

Combining a variety of landscapes, fascinating cultural experiences and unique natural sites, Cao Bang is a must-see destination for life-size treks.

Vietnam is one of the best destinations for trekking - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures

In Vietnam, there are lots of Trekking Trails, each trail has its own uniqueness and diversity. Based on the features of those trails, combined with the season in Vietnam, every trekking trail can be considered an adventure. Moreover, adventure in Vietnam is always full of surprise and excitement because of the rich natural resources that our country possesses. Especially in the less-known region, the comfort of privacy combined with the breathtaking view can count as the formula to create a fulfilling adventure experience. Nowadays, adventure tourism in Vietnam is developing stronger, therefore there are more and more travelers coming here to see the rich culture and natural resources of Vietnam[a1] . 
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Cao Bang: The Hidden Gem

Trekking in Cao Bang - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures

Situated in the NorthEast of Vietnam, with over 6000km2 acreage, just 300 km away from Hanoi, it take us about 4 hours from Hanoi to Cao Bang. This destination attracts lots of people because of its rich cultural and natural resources With locals, Cao Bang has always been one of the top destinations when mentioning trekking in Vietnam.
 With the gift of mother nature, Cao Bang has utilized it for tourism purposes. As a result, lots of tourism formats appear in this province. However, the most developing one is Adventure Tourism. The lifestyle, costumes, cuisines, houses on stilts, folklore, and many many more have been blended into the Adventure Tourism in Cao Bang. Therefore, Cao Bang has lots of unique locations such as Ban Gioc Water Fall[a2] , Pac Bo Cave, Nguom Ngao Cave,... and many other popular locations as well.

Cao Bang, a Local name with a World Scenery

Impressive Ban Gioc Waterfalls - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures

However, if the traveler wants to experience something more adventurous, something more “local”, we can help you with the less-known region. The advantages of that less-known region are the pure natural adventure and the real local cultural experience. The two locations we want to mention are Cun Stream and Phia Thap Incense Village. Surrounded by high mountains and pristine forests, these location allows you to see the ripe golden rice season, go sightseeing, and unrestrictedly experience unforgettable moments. At Gold Season, the outstanding scenery image is made of crystal clear water with lush surroundings, and the traditional culture was passed down in Phia Thap incense village. Now we will show you the trekking adventure at Cun Stream and Phia Thap incense village. 

Cao Bang, a World Scenery by Local Experience

Enjoy the real authentic Vietnamese life - Photo : Mr Linh's Adventures

The adventure itinerary is to go through Cun Stream Bridge, a beautiful and diverse landscape. You can pass the lush green fields, rolling hills, and lush forests, along with the crystal-clear Cun stream, which provides a refreshing backdrop to your hike. During the Trekking Trails, you can see a variety of plants and animals such as bamboo forests, rice paddies, water buffalo, and monkeys. You may also catch a glimpse of the limestone mountains and caves that are characteristic of the adventure. Moreover, this trek is also a food lover's dream, offering a chance to try local delicacies such as grilled wild pig, grilled fish, hill chicken, bitter bamboo shoots, mountain snails, com lam (rice cooked in bamboo tubes), and one of the most significant local specialties are Ant egg cake, the dish was made of rice, pork and ant eggs, the taste is very unique.
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