Travel tips foreigner in Vietnam

1. Immigration?
You can get a 15 days tourist visa from some countries (France, Spain, German, England, Italia)  which can be extended through head office in Vietnam. Visitors can travel to Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam in only one journey to discover the entire Indochina.

a way communicate with local people

2. You don't speak Vietnamese?
Whenever you lose your way(don’t try), just ask anyone you meet on the road for the direction. They will always try to help you. Throughout Vietnam, visitors will be surprised about Vietnamese costume and also the heritage of regions from the North to the South.

[spring flower market and festival before Tet holiday]

3.When to travel?
Because it lies in the inter-tropical zone, Vietnam has four seasons in the North and two seasons the South. It doesn’t matter when you travel as Vietnam has many festivals in many locations throughout the country. Tet festival in January is the biggest holiday of Vietnamese. Mid-autumn around September on the sunshine coast in the South is the best place for immersing on crystal-clear water.

 [Cua Van floating village, Lan Ha bay. Vietnam]

4.Where to travel?
It is hard to name a list of must-see places in Vietnam. It is a huge country and you must discover it bit by bit. Ba Be National Park-the biggest lake in North Vietnam, and Ha Long Bay- UNESCO World Heritage with 1.969 islands visitors will find breathtaking with the sheer beauty of the nature. Those people who like sun and swimming should head for the South for example the ancient town of Hoi An, with its nearby My Khe Beach. There are so many places to travel and there are no places in the country which will disappoint visitors.

[a corner of Ba Be lake, Bac Kan. Vietnam]

Homestays and hotels are everywhere and easy to find by online booking or even just by walking around.. The prices and the quality of accommodation can vary but visitors should contact a trusted travel agency such as Mr Linh’s Adventures. A travel agent should be the first on your lists, especially in Ba Be National Park.

5. Don’t hesitate to visit us.
Yeah! Don’t wait for too long. Book a ticket, get your visa, contact a travel agent, pack your case and travel to a gorgeous corner of Indochina. Visit Vietnam anytime and you will have an amazing experience and can be sure of a warm welcome.
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